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Sebastian Georgi, Head of Research & Development at LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik AG

Sebastian Georgi is the Head of Research & Development and also responsible for Regulatory & External Affairs at LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik. Sebastian has been working with LOGOCOS for more than 15 years. Ensuring top level standards in product quality, safety and efficacy, as well as compliance to the requirements of the NATRUE Label, are some of his responsibilities. Sebastian also actively works on the research of new effective natural ingredients and formulations to create inspiring new product ideas.

NATRUE: How do you think that LOGOCOS contributed to NATRUE’s foundation?
Sebastian Georgi: We have always been convinced that natural cosmetics formulated with organic plant-based ingredients are more than just another product category: they represent a philosophy of ethical consumption and a natural way to beauty and health. These values need to be protected against fake “natural” or “organic” claims. Consumers should be able to recognize “true” natural products at a glance. The NATRUE Label, with its clear criteria and a rigorous certification process for natural and organic cosmetic products, fulfils this task in a perfect way. We are proud to have played a major role in NATRUE’s creation in 2007. Since then, the NATRUE Label has become an international benchmark for natural and organic cosmetics.

NATRUE: When and how was LOGOCOS born? What are your company values?
Sebastian Georgi: LOGOCOS was founded in 1978 as a small company named Lorien Goods. It was a pioneer in the sector of natural and organic cosmetics in Germany. Its visionary founders foresaw an ever-growing demand for products based solely on natural ingredients, which was confirmed by the continuous growth of the natural cosmetics sector over the years. Today, LOGOCOS is one of the German market-leading companies in the natural cosmetics sector. Its three brands, LOGONA, SANTE and Heliotrop, address the beauty demands of diverse types of consumers, making natural cosmetics attractive and available for everybody.

A strong ethical mindset has always guided the people at LOGOCOS and the way in which they develop and produce their products. For instance, we have manufactured on the same location in rural Lower Saxony (Germany) for almost 40 years. We care for nature and the environment, consequently avoiding hazardous chemicals and sourcing ingredients from controlled organic cultivation and wild collection. We also run diverse programmes to protect wildlife (for instance, to protect wild bee populations). We are very much committed to ethical responsibility. As part of our philosophy, we treat animals, people and our environment in a fair, responsible and sustainable manner. As a consequence of this position, no animal tests have ever been carried out either by or on behalf of LOGOCOS since our creation. We strongly believe that animal testing on cosmetics should be banned worldwide.

NATRUE: LOGOCOS was bought by L’Oréal in 2018. How has this change in ownership influenced the company and its values?
Sebastian Georgi: L’Oréal shares a lot of our values. For example, their sustainability management programme “Sharing Beauty with All” has been internationally rated with the highest scores for several years in a row (AAA Rating, CDP). On the other hand, our core values and the way we run our business in an ethical and sustainable manner have remained the same throughout the change in ownership after 2018. L’Oréal has always stated that they will integrate LOGOCOS to the Group in a smooth way, and so we have kept a very high level of independence to keep developing our products according to our rigorous business philosophy.

Almost all LOGOCOS products are NATRUE certified as natural or organic cosmetics, and they are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. To us, natural cosmetics have always stood not only for natural ingredients, but also for an ecological and sustainable management. This includes using recyclable plastics for the packaging of our shampoos and other liquid products. LOGOCOS is going now one step further to make our contribution to closing certain material cycles by using recycled PET for packaging. We also work continuously to reduce our packaging, improve its recyclability and add recycled materials in all our packaging.

NATRUE: How is LOGOCOS adapting to the new trends and challenges in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Sebastian Georgi: With more and more consumers looking for natural beauty products, our innovation rate has strongly increased. At LOGOCOS, we invest greatly in product development and in the research of new ingredients. For instance, we are currently running a product and media campaign including a brand relaunch of SANTE that will equally inspire loyal fans of the brand as well as new consumers discovering the brand just now. We also pay special attention to the demands of the young generations with a strong interest for organic products. We listen to consumer insights from our own market research, and we benefit from the excellent trend research of L’Oréal to keep creating products that meet consumers expectations.

NATRUE: How do you think that NATRUE contributes to promoting authentic natural and organic cosmetic products?
Sebastian Georgi: We believe that the NATRUE Label guarantees consumers a high level of authentic natural quality. As a market-leading company, LOGOCOS contributes to shaping the consumer perception of natural and organic cosmetics. Especially our major brands LOGONA and SANTE, whose products are NATRUE certified, have contributed to the market growth and to setting high benchmarks of quality for natural and organic cosmetics, which are granted by the rigorous criteria of the NATRUE Label.

NATRUE: What would you say to brands that want to certify their products with the NATRUE Label? And to consumers that want truly natural and organic cosmetics?
Sebastian Georgi: NATRUE is the label of choice when it comes to clear, responsible communication about authentic natural and organic cosmetics. When a consumer sees the NATRUE Label on a product, they can be sure that they are purchasing a product that fulfil its promises.


LOGOCOS’ herb meadows in Salzhemmendorf, Lower Saxony (Germany). The herb meadows invites employees, guests and local bees to wander.

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