NATRUE is thrilled to announce its active participation in the Sustainable Beauty Forum 2023, hosted in the picturesque city of Prague (Czechia) from 12 to 13 September. The event promises to be a transformative exploration of sustainability in the cosmetics industry, bringing together leaders and innovators from around the globe.

The sustainable beauty trend has been growing in popularity for years; most recently during the pandemic. As consumers increasingly embrace sustainability, cosmetic manufacturers are seeking natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients for their formulations. This surge in demand, together with the growing interest in natural and organic cosmetics, has fueled essential conversations around the essence of sustainable beauty. This forum is conceived to find some answers.

NATRUE takes centre stage
Both on 12th and 13th September, Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE’s Director General, will take a prominent role in the forum as chair.

Moreover, on 13th September, Dr Mark Smith will deliver a presentation titled “Different approaches in product testing and certification, and which one to choose?”. During the session, Dr Smith will assess methods on how to build consumer trust through transparency, effective communication of sustainable beauty principles, and address the topic of eco-label unification and the benefits it offers.

Adding to the forum’s deep dives, Dr Mark Smith will join the forum’s panel discussion with representatives from Mérieux NustriSciences, Beiersdorf, Naturbeads and Givaudan. Together, they will explore the current landscape and the future trajectory of sustainability in the beauty industry.

Join us! Would you like to be part of this seminar? NATRUE is pleased to offer a limited number of discounted tickets, available on a first-come, first-served basis. To secure your spot, please contact us at

Save the date: Sustainable Beauty Forum, 12-13th September 2023!