What inspires the brands of natural and organic cosmetics all around the world? What stories are behind the manufacturers or the raw material producers? Why did they create a natural range? What opportunities can natural and organic cosmetics offer? All these questions will be addressed on 23rd November, the International Day of Natural Cosmetics.

What is going to happen?
On 23 November NATRUE will be championing natural and sustainable beauty with a new motivational initiative: an International Day of Natural Cosmetics. The global awareness day, spearheaded by NATRUE, will promote the benefits – for both people and planet – of truly natural cosmetics, and inspire us all to #choosetruebeauty.
To celebrate the Day, on 23rd November, NATRUE will launch a new project on YouTube – a set of four videos in which manufacturers, producers, raw material suppliers and cosmetic experts, among others, provide their answers to the following questions:
  • What drew you to natural cosmetics?
  • What inspires you about natural and organic cosmetics?
  • Why did you choose NATRUE?
  • What can natural cosmetics bring to the industry, people, and the planet

People from all around the word have participated, from Singapore and Italy to Albania, Greece, France, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, and the United States.

Curious? If you want to meet the brands and hear what has inspired many manufacturers to create natural or organic cosmetics, stay tuned to our YouTube channel on 23rd November.

Note: in recent weeks we have been giving a few clues through our social media networks. If you missed it, take a look! (InstagramYouTube, Twitter, and LinkedIn.)

How can you get involved?
The International Day of Natural Cosmetics will be supported by a dynamic social media campaign. Producers, manufacturers, retailers, journalists, beauty professionals, influencers and the general public can all get involved by raising awareness of natural beauty benefits via social media. Why not share a little video on your social channels explaining why you choose truly natural cosmetics? Do not forget using the hasthtags: #choosetruebeauty & #DAYofNOC.
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