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Crafted to bring sustainability and natural elements into every man’s grooming routine: meet CAPANOVA

Elina Baller, Business Development Manager for CAPANOVA
My name is Elina Baller, a 30-year-old enthusiast for innovation and brand development. As a Business Development Manager, I focus on identifying and creating growth opportunities for our brand, which is dedicated to offering natural and organic cosmetic products specifically designed for men. Although I am relatively new to the natural and organic cosmetic sector, I bring a fresh perspective and a passion for developing innovative strategies to enhance brand awareness and market presence. I am excited about the challenges and opportunities this dynamic sector presents and am committed to contributing to CAPANOVA’s journey in providing top-notch natural cosmetic solutions for men.

NATRUE: Why and when was CAPANOVA created?
Elina: Benjamin Koch, the founder of CAPANOVA, didn’t initially plan to start his own business. It all began unexpectedly back in 2017. After a series of unsatisfactory experiences with conventional hairstyling products, Benjamin found himself unable to find a product on the market that met his specific demands regarding natural ingredients. This led him to conduct research, revealing a significant gap in the market for completely natural hairstyling products for men.

Recognizing an opportunity to not only address his own needs but also those of men globally, Benjamin decided to act. His vision was to develop a leading series of natural hairstyling products for men that would stand out in the market. After two and a half years of hard work and dedication, this vision came to life with the launch of CAPANOVA in February 2020. Actually, the brand name itself is designed to reflect the core of the brand. It is a combination of the Italian words ‘Capa’ or ‘Capelli’ (meaning ‘head’ or ‘hair’) and the Latin word ‘nova’ (meaning ‘new’). It signifies what men can expect with CAPANOVA. Three years later, we’re happy to say that we offer high quality and also crafted with unique and natural ingredients products.

NATRUE: What makes your products special and only available for men?
Elina: Our products stand out because they are crafted by a man, for men. Ben, our founder, designed these products to meet his own grooming needs, ensuring they cater specifically to the unique requirements of men’s skin and hair. He believes that wellness and health extend beyond just diet and exercise; it’s also about what we apply to our bodies. Therefore, our products are made with the finest natural ingredients, embodying a perfect blend of nature’s best and a man’s specific needs. This approach makes our products not just unique, but also deeply personal and effective for every man who values his grooming and wellness.

NATRUE: Tell us a bit about your reforestation project. When did you start with it?
Elina: CAPANOVA’s reforestation project aims to support the reforestation of the Taunus region in Germany. The company is deeply committed to environmental conservation, not only globally but also locally, for the benefit of present and future generations.

In that way, for every review that CAPANOVA receives for its products on E-Commerce platforms, the company donates 1 Euro to the local reforestation project of their partner, PLANTED. Did you know that the average CO2 consumption of a person is around 12 tons per year? By planting approximately 36 trees per year, it’s possible to offset the carbon footprint of an individual completely.

In fact, PLANTED works close to where CAPANOVA operates. The proximity of the reforestation area allows us to visit and directly observe the results of their contributions, which they do regularly.

NATRUE: What are CAPANOVA’s future plans or upcoming initiatives as you continue to innovate in the field of natural cosmetics for men?
Elina: We’re setting our sights high with the ambition to become the leading cosmetic brand for men, initially focusing on the D-A-CH region. Our journey forward is paved with exciting product innovations, as we aim to cover every aspect of a man’s grooming routine, providing genuine added value. We’re not just creating products; we’re crafting experiences and solutions tailored to men’s needs.

Moreover, we’re on a mission to resonate with the younger generation, emphasizing the importance of quality and natural ingredients. It’s crucial for us to educate and inspire men to be conscious of what they’re applying to their face, body, beard, and hair. We believe in nurturing oneself in the most natural way, ensuring that every product serves a purpose and enhances the daily self-care ritual.

NATRUE: Why did you choose the NATRUE certification? What is the added value it gives to your products?
Elina: CAPANOVA opted for the NATRUE certification to ensure that their products genuinely contain natural ingredients. The renowned and stringent NATRUE label guarantees that only truly natural and organic ingredients are used. In fact, the label stipulates which ingredients and in what quantities they may be incorporated into a product. Both the formula and all ingredients must undergo rigorous control checks. This meticulous process is repeated every two years. This commitment is crucial not only for CAPANOVA, but most importantly for our customers.

We are proud that our natural cosmetic products for men have met all the requirements of the strict NATRUE label right from the start.

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