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VIVANESS, the International Trade Fair for Natural and Organic Personal Care, concluded on a high note. From 13th to 16th February, the event provided a platform for industry leaders, innovators, and consumers to delve into the latest trends and developments in the natural and organic cosmetics sector. Together with BIOFACH, the World’s Leading Trade Fair for Organic Food, the trade fair duo reached around 35,000 trade visitors from 128 countries.

Networking and engagements at VIVANES 2024
NATRUE, together with other over 2,550 international exhibitors from 94 countries presented their extensive product repertoire at BIOFACH and VIVANESS 2024. During this time, NATRUE capitalized on the opportunity to:
· Reconnect with colleagues and establish new connections: VIVANESS was a great opportunity to talk to some of the NATRUE Label Users who were present in the fair. Among others, we met colleagues from Essabó, 4peoplewhocare, N&B Natural is Better, Farfalla, Outdoor Freakz or Dr Heilbronner. In addition, we took advantage of our presence at the fair to show the products of some of NATRUE-certified brands, thus showing the internationality and variety of NATRUE.
· Engage with social media influencers and policymakers: NATRUE’s primary goal is to advocate for and safeguard the interests of consumers worldwide by promoting natural and organic cosmetics. As an organisation, it is imperative to address industry ambiguities surrounding the terms “natural” and “organic” in the cosmetics industry, as this situation creates opportunities for greenwashing. NATRUE firmly believes in educating consumers while also collaborating closely with policymakers and other stakeholders. Ultimately, it is a collective effort to bring about positive change!
· Evaluate industry trends: Consumers are increasingly more informed, so when deciding which cosmetic to choose, they not only analyse the ingredients but also take into account the ethical commitments and values of the brands. In this context, the importance of certification and offering claims that are verified becomes even more important since the consumer not only does not want to be deceived, but also knows how to avoid it. Nevertheless, the market is facing some challenges associated with external factors such as the global geopolitical situation or inflation, which may impact the consumers’ ability to afford certain products; potentially opting for cheaper, conventional products.   

Future Trends in the Natural and Organic Cosmetics Sector
As for the future, the natural and organic cosmetics sector anticipates continued growth, driven by a combination of consumer demand, technological advancements, and forthcoming regulatory changes associated with sustainability and product claims. Key trends include:
· Artificial intelligence (A). AI as a key tool for fast data-driven analysis of large datasets, personalized recommendations, virtual try-ons, skin analysis, formulation, and ingredient analysis.
· NeuroGlow. A holistic approach to beauty where mental well-being and physical appearance are interconnected, emphasizing a comprehensive connection between mind and skin. Healthy lifestyle habits such as adequate sleep, regular exercise, balanced nutrition, and stress management (and sometimes getting professional psychological support where needed) are foundational to achieving “NeuroGlow”.
· Less is more. The on-going preference for cosmetics that prioritise few, but quality, ingredients over many.

NATRUE’s contributions at VIVANESS Congress
Throughout the trade fair, NATRUE showcased its expertise in sustainability and certification through high-level conferences:
“Commit for Our Planet: driving environmental sustainability”: Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General, presented the “Commit for Our Planet” initiative by Cosmetics Europe, an unprecedented project for the entire cosmetics industry which aims to reduce the sector’s environmental footprint in Europe. Since September 2023, NATRUE has been a supporting partner of this industry effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improve packaging solutions and act for nature, as you can see here.
“Certified sustainability in cosmetics: natural solutions for a better future”: This joint panel discussion emphasized the role of certification as an essential tool in supporting claims amid emerging and evolving legislation in Europe. In a Q&A format, participants talked about the benefits of certification as an essential tool to combat greenwashing with reliable, verifiable, and credible methods.
Workshop about NATURAL SUNSCREENS: this discussion group exchanged different point of views and debated on the challenges and positioning of using mineral UV-filters.

Award-winning NATRUE-certified brands
NATRUE celebrated the success of several NATRUE-certified brands that were recognised during the fair. In this sense, NATRUE wants to congratulate the following brands that carry the NATRUE certification, which won the Best New Product Award VIVANESS in different categories:
·       Face Care: 4peoplewhocare GmbH.
·       Body Care: N&B srl Società benefit
·       Wellness Products: Outdoor Freakz GmbH