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Premium quality raw materials combined with a passion about natural cosmetics: meet Terpenic

Javier Gómez Albujer, CEO & Co-founder of TERPENIC
My passion for healthcare led me to my PhD in Immunology at Barcelona’s University Hospital. After working for several years in a laboratory that specialised in health care and natural cosmetics, myself and two partners founded our own scientific aromatherapy laboratory, Terpenic.
Passionate about the need to promote a natural, conscious and sustainable approach to wellness, we became the laboratory with the widest range of oils in Europe, more than 60% of which are organic. 

NATRUE: How has Terpenic evolved during the last ten years?
Javier Gómez: 2023 is a special year for us, as we are celebrating our 10th anniversary and our new partnership with the No. 1 phytospagyric laboratory in Italy. Thanks to our partnership with Erbenobili, we have really raised our profile in the market for natural wellness products. That is why today we offer a wide range of natural products based on raw materials, such as essential oils, mother tinctures, gemmotherapy, vegetable oils, trace elements and hydrolates, as well as a wide range of formulated products like syrups, massage creams, aroma diffuser, healthcare, among others.

In addition, we have recently launched a new line of kits. For example, with our “DIY daily use aromatherapy kit”, it is possible to create your own blends for everyday use.  And we will have much more: soon we are going to launch a line of solid cosmetics with 100% natural handmade botanical soaps and a line of natural products for our pets’ care.

NATRUE: What is scientific phyto-aromatherapy?
Javier Gómez: Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils, biochemically and botanically defined, to treat or prevent conditions and pathologies by olfactory, oral or cutaneous use.

Scientific aromatherapy is a branch of phytotherapy, a therapy that uses medicinal plants to prevent or treat diseases. It uses a rigorous methodology, supported by scientific data from studies and clinical experience. It is a high-quality, effective and natural choice.

NATRUE: Can you tell us more about your “DIY – Do It Yourself” selection?
Javier Gómez: Our DIY range is a selection of natural, pesticide-free, toxin- and petroleum-free materials, ideal for users who want to make their own natural cosmetics and be responsible consumers. Especially designed for natural cosmetics and creative gastronomy makers, our DIY line is a selection of products to develop an endless number of “Do It Yourself” formulas.

The formulation of a cosmetic requires premium quality raw materials. Preservatives, emulsifiers, clays, glycerin, surfactants and antioxidants are some of the many options found in our range, created for those who wish to make their own bespoke natural products.

NATRUE: You have created terpenic/edu. Could you explain what this project is?
Javier Gómez: terpenic/edu is a community for aromatherapy lovers. We are very proud to have launched the leading online training portal in scientific phyto-aromatherapy, since our main purpose is spreading the culture of scientific phyto-aromatherapy and making it part of everyone’s daily life.

To achieve this, we offer a variety of content:

  • Terpenic/ blog, where you can discover the best recipes, DIY cosmetic formulas, wellness tips, etc.
  • Terpenic/talks, where you will find interviews with experts in different fields of health and wellness.
  • Scientific phyto-aromatherapy and spagyric courses: courses given by the best professionals in the sector, aimed at both professionals and a general audience.

NATRUE: Why did you choose NATRUE?
Javier Gómez: One of the most anticipated and unique projects we have undertaken was the launch of “illustrated cosmetic”, a natural, organic, unisex and anti-pollution cosmetic range. Focusing on natural, pure and simple beauty, we went back to basics. The extraordinarily high concentration of natural and organic ingredients (more than 99%), in combination with an ecological production process, results in a high quality, natural, vegan friendly and organic cosmetic.

Similarly, NATRUE is a prestigious, verifiable and international certification standard for natural and organic beauty products. So, it is the ideal choice for brands and manufacturers like us, who are authentic and engaged in natural and sustainable wellness.

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