The International Day of Natural Cosmetics is back! We are thrilled to invite all natural and organic cosmetics enthusiasts to join us in celebrating this day. Get ready to immerse yourself in a day filled with captivating experiences, inspiring initiatives, and a collective commitment to promote and protect the essence of truly natural cosmetics.

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Embrace good practices & awareness
This year’s celebration focuses on good practices and awareness about the wonders of natural and organic cosmetic products. We believe it’s time to give the industry the recognition and value it deserves at all levels, and we can’t wait to have you on board to make it happen.

Be the inspiration in 2023
This year, NATRUE is putting you in the spotlight! NATRUE invites you to lead the way and create your own campaign to promote natural and organic cosmetics. The canvas is yours to paint with creativity!

Do you have a brilliant idea to showcase your brand? How about a captivating workshop or an online meaningful chat? Or even opening your fields/production area for visits, providing an authentic behind-the-scenes experience. The possibilities are limitless, and we’re excited to hear and share your brilliant ideas.

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Your voice, amplified!
When you create your own campaign, you’re not alone. NATRUE is dedicated to amplifying your efforts! We’ll showcase your initiatives here, as well as promote them to the world through our social media channels. Together, let’s spread the message!

Ready to be part of this movement? Let’s embark on this journey towards the promotion of truly natural and organic cosmetics together! Discover all the details and register your inspiring activity here.

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