Together with ten diverse cross-sectoral associations, NATRUE has co-signed a joint industry letter raising the awareness of policymakers in the European Parliament, ENVI and IMCO Committees, regarding the risk to prohibit explicit environmental claims on products containing certain substances.

Sharing the European Commission’s objective at the core of the Green Claims Directive, all signatories communicated their full support that consumers should not be vague, misleading, false or unsubstantiated sustainability claims on products. Equally, the letter reflects the shared objective that a harmonised set of criteria should be established at EU level, so that only credible and proven green claims are allowed. Sustainable purchase decisions remain linked to the consumers’ right to reliable environmental information on products, and support the transition to a sustainable and circular economy.

The letter expresses specific concerns related to a proposed ban of environmental claims on products containing certain substances, as outlined in the Amendment 23 from the ENVI and IMCO Committees Draft Report [1]. Such a ban would affect not only a wide range of sectors, but also run contrary to the Green Claims Directive objectives and those of the European Green Deal; risking to inhibit sustainable innovation and promotion of sustainable products.

Co-signatories call upon the European Parliament to full rejection of all provisions that presume a direct incompatibility between the presence of certain substances and environmental claims.

For the natural and organic cosmetics sector, where products are primarily made with natural complex mixtures, application of such a proposal could have far-reaching consequences resulting in so-called ‘greenhushing’ despite no change to the product safety or the capacity to substantiate a product’s environmental claim(s).

The letter can be read in full here.
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