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Digitalisation can bring many advantages to the European Union, particularly concerning mandatory product information. Digitalised product information helps consumers make informed choices and supports digital transformation, which can contribute to having Europe at the forefront of the digital transformation of many industries.

NATRUE and other 21 organisations representing different consumer-facing industry sectors and retailers sent on 3rd March 2020 a joint letter to the European Commission to present the advantages of information digitalisation, particularly concerning mandatory consumer information on-pack. All the organisations that signed this letter encourage the European Commission to establish a dedicated European Stakeholders Forum for Digital Consumer Information to develop guiding principles for the digitalisation of consumer and product information. Such a forum could also support further research into the opportunities for digital means to provide mandatory product information. Principles such as accuracy, transparency, reliability and fairness can be supported by digitalization as digital information technologies can contribute to better informing consumers and building trust among them and businesses.

Download the joint letter here.

In July 2021, key industry representatives from different sectors sent a second letter to the European Commission Download to open the discussion on Digital Labelling. You can download this letter here.