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A women-led company that produces high-quality cosmetics with a Thai twist: meet B.T. Spaceship

Sittidej and Kollatat, Team Leaders of B.T. Spaceship
As a family-run and women-led company, we are honoured to carry on our mother’s legacy and to continue producing high-quality natural and organic skin care products that our customers love. Our mother, Ubonrat Somprakit, started her skincare manufacturing journey 18 years ago by herself, attending and selling products at worldwide fairs.
We are proud to contribute to growing our mother’s vision of creating high-quality natural and organic skin care products. We provide a fresh point of view: we have finished our higher education and gained work experience in Canada and the U.S. As a result, we have become a trusted OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) for cosmetic manufacturers with a focus on sustainable and ethically sourced ingredients, and we work with a wide range of customers, from start-ups to luxury hotel chains. We are proud of our commitment to natural ingredients that benefit people and the planet; that’s why we work for helping customers tell unique brand stories through our products.

NATRUE: You’re the first NATRUE third-party manufacturer coming from Thailand. What drove you to choose NATRUE?
Sittidej and Kollatat: As a company based in Thailand surrounded by numerous sustainable and natural ingredients, we believe that third-party certification is essential to building trust with our customers. After extensive research, we chose NATRUE as our certification partner because of their commitment to high standards and reputation as a natural and organic cosmetics industry leader.

Being Thailand’s first NATRUE third-party manufacturer is a great honor. It reinforces our commitment to producing high-quality natural and organic skincare products. NATRUE’s certification process has helped us ensure that our products meet the highest quality, and sustainability standards. We are proud to have their seal of approval on our products.

NATRUE: You are a private label manufacturer specialized in creating natural and organic cosmetic products. From where are you sourcing your ingredients?
Sittidej and Kollatat: We sourced all ingredients from reputable suppliers. We value the highest quality ingredients we can source to help produce the best quality products for our clients. Our top priority is sourcing local suppliers to ensure that we maintain and introduce unique and traditional Thai ingredients and foster the sustainable collecting methods of our ingredients.

NATRUE: What are the markets you work for? Do you notice differences between what customers who come from Europe want versus what those who come from Asia ask for, for example?
Sittidej and Kollatat: We work in global markets from North America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. One of the biggest differentiators between European and Asian clients are the scents and the selection of natural ingredients. The trend of our current European clients is also choosing herbal medicinal ingredients combined with Southeast Asian’s scent blends. As a result, the products tend to be aromatic in spice with traditional Southeast Asian medicinal herbs.

On the other hand, the trend we seen in our Asian customers is leading toward modern and younger audience with complex scents tied with natural ingredients sourced in Asia and abroad.

NATRUE: What is the added value of B.T spaceship?
Sittidej and Kollatat: The principal added value of B.T. Spaceship is taking care of each customer. and customer care towards each client. As a “boutique manufacturer” that is focused on low quantities, we are flexible in adjusting toto meet the needs and timing of our clients. We like to work closely with our clients on every project to ensure products meet all details and requirements.

At B.T. Spaceship, we can rather use our own formulas, or work with specific formulations requested by our clients in order to create a fully customized product and packaging based on the brand’s unique stories.

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