2020 has posed many challenges to people, our planet and all industries. The covid-19 pandemic has made us readapt our lives, but also reflect upon our consumption habits and the importance of our relationship with nature for our well-being. Now more than ever, consumers look for natural and organic products that are good for people and the planet, and that provide verifiable guarantees about the qualities they claim.

Last year was a tipping point, a wake-up call to make us realise that we must go with nature, not against it. For more than 13 years, this is the message that NATRUE has advocated for through its key contributions to working groups, consultations and research projects at European and international level to fullfil its mission: to protect and promote natural and organic cosmetics to the benefits of consumers worldwide.

In its Annual Report 2020, NATRUE makes a review of the year to share a positive note of all we achieved together in 2020. Despite the numerous challenges, the NATRUE Label has kept growing: more international natural and organic cosmetic brands have joined us in 2020, and more products carrying the NATRUE seal are available in the market. We are looking forward to keeping working together in 2021 to embrace the opportunities to offer consumers more sustainable, natural and organic cosmetics that support the transition towards a  greener and more circular economy.

We wish you a pleasant reading,

  The NATRUE Team