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A makeup line specifically designed for children’s skin: meet perifee

Banu Dursun-Pitzer, CEO of perifee
My name is Banu, and I am both a CEO and a mother of two wonderful children – a son and a daughter. My daughter has a natural feeling for self-expression and even explores my makeup collection. However, I realized that conventional cosmetics were not safe for children, leading to restrictions on her use. This led me to conceive the idea of developing child-friendly cosmetics, products that my daughter and her friends could freely and joyfully use without any worries.
After months of dedicated research, meticulous planning, sleepless nights, and a labor of love in product development, PERI Cosmetics GmbH was founded in June 2021, lovingly named after my daughter, Peri Hanna Pitzer.

NATRUE: Why and when was perifee created?
Banu: As a mother, I have long been dedicated to creating products that are as natural as possible, free of artificial additives. When my daughter showed interest in makeup, I noticed the lack of natural cosmetic options for children in the market. This inspired me to develop a makeup line specifically designed for children’s delicate skin. Thus, PERI Cosmetics was born, along with our product line “perifee,” named after my daughter, Peri Hanna Pitzer.

Our goal is to provide a safe and natural makeup solution that children can enjoy without any worries. We aim to nurture their creativity while using gentle, natural ingredients in our products to make a positive impact on their lives. In June 2021, after months of intensive research and planning, we launched our company and brand.

NATRUE: You support and promote children’s makeup. Why? What are the benefits?
Banu: Children often associate makeup, styling, and grooming with expressing their individuality and developing their unique style. However, many standard adult makeup products available everywhere are unsuitable for their sensitive skin and can cause allergies. Recognizing this, I decided to develop a makeup line specifically for children. With PERI Cosmetics and our product line “perifee,” children can now use makeup independently. Our child-friendly makeup encourages creativity while ensuring safety, as it is made with gentle, natural ingredients. It brings me great joy to see children confidently using our products, expressing themselves, and feeling a sense of belonging without compromising their well-being.

NATRUE: What makes your cosmetics unique?
Banu: In our perifee product line, we offer a variety of lip balms, blushes, and eyeshadows in different colors. Our popular sets also include delightful extras such as makeup sponges, mirrors, children’s tattoos, and a storage bag. What sets our products apart is that they are free from artificial additives, powdery substances that could be harmful if inhaled, and microplastics.

Safety and skin health are paramount to us, which is why our eyeshadows and blushes are 100 percent fragrance-free, while our lip balms have a subtle touch of natural aromas. All our products undergo thorough dermatological testing, and our eyeshadows are specifically tested for eye compatibility.

In addition to safety, we focus on user-friendliness. Our packaging is not only exceptionally durable but also designed to allow children to easily identify the product and understand its application at first glance. We take pride in our commitment to quality, as all our products are lovingly developed and produced in Germany. With perifee, children can explore makeup and styling in a safe, creative, and joyful way.

NATRUE: How is you brand adapting to the new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Banu: As a brand of natural and organic cosmetics, we actively respond to new trends and consumer demands. By staying informed about the latest developments, engaging with customers for feedback, and investing in research, we ensure our products meet their evolving needs. Our adaptability lies in transparency, sustainability, and customer satisfaction, allowing us to provide high-quality natural and organic cosmetics that resonate with environmentally conscious consumers.

NATRUE: Why did you choose the NATRUE certification? What is the added value it gives to your products?
Banu: The NATRUE label holds immense global significance as one of the most important and stringent certifications for cosmetic products. Our commitment to obtaining the NATRUE label reinforces the highest standards we uphold for our products. We pride ourselves on using only the finest natural ingredients, avoiding powdery and chemical substances entirely, and implementing rigorous product and quality controls from the initial development stages through to delivery.

The NATRUE label serves as a perfect complement to the love and care that we infuse into each and every one of our products. It affirms our dedication to providing children with cosmetics they can use confidently at any time, without parents having to worry about a thing. With this prestigious certification, we continue to prioritize the well-being and safety of children, ensuring that they can explore their creativity and express themselves freely, knowing that our cosmetics meet the highest standards of excellence and integrity.

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