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When traditional herbalism meets the most modern scientific knowledge: meet Lieber Natur

Promotional picture Lieber Natur

Reinhard Wallner – CEO of Lieber Natur
The brand Lieber Natur, with its positioning as an organic certified cosmetic, was developed by iQ Supplements GmbH under the leadership of CEO, Reinhard Wallner. Before Lieber Natur was born, the company specialized in the development of products for pharmacies and pharmaceutical companies. This mainly included natural and plant-based supplements, which have been supplying the German dietary supplement market with high-quality products made from natural and nature-based ingredients for many years. The conception of a natural cosmetics brand was the logical next step to respond to the trend and satisfy the great demand for natural cosmetics, as well as to contribute to a more sustainable health market. So that, iQ Supplements GmbH is not only a company focused on pharmaceutical products, but also a company that has its own organic certified brand.

NATRUE: How and when was your brand created?
Reinhard: Lieber Natur was founded about two years ago, that is, in December 2021. Before that, our company used to be focused on providing “private label” products to the European pharmacy market.

After a thorough market research, we realized that there is a high demand for vegan natural cosmetics based on plant-based ingredients. The regional production, in our case in Austria/Tyrol, offers an additional promise of quality.

Natural cosmetics are particularly aimed at promoting the skin’s own activity and thus making it more resistant in the long term. The goal is to contribute to a future in which only natural and sustainably managed raw materials and active ingredients are used to care for and revitalize the body.

NATRUE: You say that sustainability is important to Lieber Natur. How is this reflected in your brand?
Reinhard: Our cosmetic line has been developed exclusively with organically grown plant- and mineral-based ingredients. Always in perfect balance between traditional herbalism and the most modern scientific knowledge. In addition, the majority of our ingredients come from the surrounding regions, which minimizes transportation distances and also keeps the production sites very close. Our product and packaging designs are also based on the most environmentally friendly materials and sustainable alternatives.

In the end, we decided to use recyclable glass bottles. Glass is one of the most sustainable packaging options, as it reduces plastic waste while decreasing the spread of microplastics in the environment. In addition, amber glass has the advantage of being gas-tight, odorless, tasteless and protects the content from light.

Last but not least, the boxes of Lieber Natur products are made of recyclable cardboard, which after opening, can be easily disposed of in the wastepaper. Our brand is about doing something good for one’s own health through cosmetics, and at the same time living up to the ecological responsibility we have towards our descendants.

NATRUE: Which are your three key ingredients and why?
Reinhard: This question is relatively difficult to answer, as we currently offer eleven different products, all of which have different ingredient lists, consisting of a variety of regional herbs and plant extracts from the Tyrolean Alps. But if you take a closer look at the moisturizing products, for example, you will notice that most of them contain organic aloe vera, organic calendula and organic elderberry extracts. The reason for this is that these ingredients moisturize and help the skin to regenerate.

In our anti-aging products, in contrast, hyaluronic acid, grape seed oil and coenzyme Q10 can be found, as they promise a rejuvenating and firming effect. Thus, we can say that depending on the desired result, we select the appropriate ingredients and thus create a positive effect on the skin.

NATRUE: How is Lieber Natur adapting to new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Reinhard: The focus is always on following the latest trends and developments on the market, to sound them out and, if necessary, to implement them quickly. In order to also exchange news with our customers and partners, you can find us at trade fairs that take place in Germany or Austria.

Personal communication is particularly important to us. Trade shows are the perfect opportunity to show expertise and exchange know-how. We are also proud to have a great and dedicated team in our product development department that is constantly on the lookout for the best and latest ingredients.

NATRUE: What would you say to brands that want to join NATRUE? And to consumers that look for truly natural and organic cosmetic products?
Reinhard: The NATRUE label helps us to communicate our attitude towards environmental protection and sustainability. As a consumer, it is not uncommon to ask the question: “How do I know whether a cream has actually been produced with truly natural raw materials?

NATRUE offers a solution to this and enables customers to obtain information about the ingredients and production at just one glance. So basically, we can say that the NATRUE seal reflects our corporate values and creates trust in our brand and products in the process.

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