NATRUE is a proud member of the Sustainable Beauty Coalition, who have published the first version of their Planet Positive Beauty Guide, an easy-to-digest tool to help consumers make greener beauty choices and keep greenwashed products off the shelves.

Our planet is in a Code Red situation
A recent study of 23,000 beauty shoppers made by Provenance revealed that almost half (48%) are looking for more information and clarity about brands’ values and commitments to the environment. Ingredients, recyclability of packaging, and animal welfare were amongst the most frequently searched topics. Making ethical beauty choices can be difficult. In fact, 61% of us struggle to tell if hair and skincare products are ethical from the packaging.

Your ally: the Planet Positive Beauty Guide
Together with independent experts from across the industry, the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition (SBC) has developed the Planet Positive Beauty Guide to decode sustainability jargon by giving clear-cut definitions of beauty industry buzzwords, such as ‘sustainable’, ‘net zero’, or ‘cruelty-free’.

More and more of us want to ‘do the right thing’, but this is a difficult task when the definitions and concepts are not clear. For this reason, the guide focuses on four main elements -ingredients, packaging, people, and sustainable sourcing – giving consumers a guide to ensure they are making informed decisions and more sustainable consumption choices.

Each element has a section that incorporates the fashion terms and logos to look out for, explaining what they mean in a simple way.

Why is this important?
On 2nd November the SBC held the Planet Positive webinar at COP26 in Glasgow, UK. During this event, in her role as a chair of the SBC, Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda UK, said: “The best way to help is sharing best practices”.

Jayn Sterland was clear when talking about some “green-tricks” too: “Greenwashing not only means people are making what they think are ‘green’ choices, which can actively be harming the environment, it also drains credibility from brands genuinely dedicated to sustainability and being environmentally-friendly.”

It takes a planet full of people making small changes to make a big difference, so let’s start making more Planet Positive choices for ourselves and our planet!