NATRUE’s founding member Laverana, the company behind the brand lavera Naturkosmetik, celebrates for the first time the “Day of Natural Cosmetics” on 23 November, which marks this year the 33rd birthday of lavera Naturkosmetik. lavera’s initiative aims to inform consumers about the advantages of natural cosmetics and to dispel persistent myths through a series of informative articles and interviews available on their website:

Seven questions on all aspects of natural cosmetics
In an interview with Dr. Henrike Neuhoff, Head of Research Division at lavera Naturkosmetik, the brand explains why natural cosmetics are a better choice by digging into their full range of capabilities and efectiveness. “Depending upon the plant, various skin-enhancing properties exist, i.e. moisturising, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating, astringent, calming, antioxidant, etc. This means that these natural ingredients do not only provide sustainable care to the skin, but they also give additional positive support and deliver to the skin some valuable substances that it may lack to maintain an intact skin layer and cell membrane. This allows the skin to regenerate well naturally“, says Dr. Neuhoff.

Read lavera’s complete interview with Dr. Henrike Neuhoff here.