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Therapeutic skincare cosmetics based on hemp extract: meet Hemptouch

Marko Sladič, CEO & Co-funder
When it comes to hemp there are many reasons why I love this plant. Firstly there is a long tradition of growing hemp in Slovenia, Our great-grandparents grew hemp and now we are continuing this important legacy. Besides tradition, hemp has another characteristic that is really important to me – it is sustainable by nature. It doesn’t need extra watering and it is healthy for the soil. And in the end – hemp has an amazingly long list of positive effects on our body and skin. Hemp is a true master of balance.

I am passionate about bringing the extraordinary transformational skincare benefits of the hemp plant to people across the world. There have been some challenging moments on my path, however many people have had their lives transformed by our products and that is something that leads us to persevere on our path.

NATRUE: When and why was Hemptouch created?
Marko Sladič: I founded Hemptouch together with Silvija Špehar. Silvia is a biologist and a trained herbalist and it was her passion for healing botanicals that got her started in making skin remedies for very sensitive people, who couldn’t use conventional skincare. I on the other hand had experience with industrial hemp, I have actually planted some fields for the first experimental harvests.

In 2014 we joined our two passions into one: therapeutic skincare products based on hemp extracts. It was around that time that the first information about potential uses of CBD started trickling in and people immediately saw potential in it as a skin soother. Even more, studies showed it balanced sebum production and so products for acne-prone and oily skin were developed.

Hemptouch started with one product only: Soothing CBD Skin Balm. It was feedback from our first customers suffering from persistent skin conditions and sensitivities that helped us to create a therapeutic range of balms and creams. They asked for new products and spread the word among their friends. Today we have a range of natural transformational skincare products that help treat a wide variety of skincare products to people across the world.

NATRUE: You describe yourselves as ‘experts in transformational skincare’. How do you support this affirmation?
Marko Sladič: The constantly growing number of satisfied users of Hemptouch skincare was thanks to our products, able to stop the usage of aggressive corticosteroids in troubles such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis or found significant improvement with rosacea, acne, and many other skin imbalances. Our balms and creams changed their skin and consequently, life for the better.

Yes, I always say that positive feedback is why we love what we do. We have some interviews with our customers published on our website and we daily receive messages where customers thank us for the products. That way Hemptouch products truly do create positive transformation through natural, organic, hemp-based skincare solutions.

NATRUE: What is special about Hemptouch products? Which is the power of the hemp plant?
Marko Sladič:  We harness the extraordinary magical power of hemp as a whole plant. That is why we use a trilogy of hemp ingredients in our products, not only CBD as a single molecule. This is our uniqueness. We understand well the powerful qualities of each hemp extract and we have the knowledge to implement it in a formulation that brings a natural solution. Generally, I like to say that Cannabis sativa is gentle yet strong. I guess the greatest thing is that it is gentle to the skin, it rarely causes any reactions but still, it is really effective when it comes to skin problems. Hemp works well with problems that are usually treated with medicine – like dermatitis, psoriasis, acne, and itchy and inflamed skin. It is naturally rich in CBD which has powerful properties that alleviate and support many skin care problems. We have a dedicated CBD skincare range, and we also offer products that do not contain any CBD.

Our unique hemp trilogy consists of CBD, cold-pressed hemp seed oil, and hemp hydrolate.

NATRUE: How is Hemptouch adapting to the new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Marko Sladič:  We carefully source organic and natural hemp alongside a variety of other botanical ingredients to produce our skincare products in the most effective and sustainable way we can to benefit both people and the planet. We believe that the hemp plant can transform the lives of people by helping them overcome conditions in their life that are holding them back. By transforming the lives of people for the better and doing so in the most sustainable way we know, we play our part in transforming the world. Our vision is to become the leading natural and organic hemp-based skincare brand in Europe, driving positive industry change and regulation, and creating new standards of quality and support for our customers. We want to be seen as the guiding light for our sector.

NATRUE: What would you say to brands that want to join NATRUE? What is the added value NATRUE’s certification gives to your products?
Marko Sladič: The NATRUE Standard fully meets our brand’s values. When it comes to the term natural and organic, there is a lot of confusion and deception. That is why there is the most reliable way for a skincare brand to estimate the transparency and credibility of natural and organic claims by joining such a trustworthy organization, as NATRUE is. Having much-needed credibility in CBD sector really brings the proof of much-needed assurance that the formulations are based on high-quality natural ingredients. That is very important for a brand in the fast-growing CBD sector. That is why we’re so very proud to be the first brand with the full range of CBD products that are being NATRUE certified. It certainly does bring more trust, credibility, and recognition to the brand.

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