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Organic and sustainable: meet GreenEtiq Denmark

Tine Ejlersen Liebeck, founder of GreenEtiq Denmark
My name is Tine and I am the founder of GreenEtiq. I have previously worked for a bigger Danish cosmetic company, both producing decorative cosmetics as well as skincare, body care and haircare. My main responsibilities were the overall strategic purchasing, choosing the right packaging and overlooking product development, all while visiting the most exclusive producers in Europe and Asia. This position gave me a broad and deep experience within the cosmetics industry, and later I decided to pursue my dream to become the owner of my own company, focused on the development of organic cosmetics.

NATRUE: When and how was GreenEtiq created? What are the values of this brand?
Tine Ejlersen: After one and a half year of intensive planning and working, I had the opportunity and resources to make my dream come true and create my own organic cosmetic brand, all by myself. That’s how GreenEtiq was launched in the market last June 2020.

My passion for cosmetics and doing “good business” leads me in a constant search for quality at fair prices. With my insight and experience in the world of cosmetics, I wanted to make it possible to develop an organic certified range of high-quality cosmetics at a reasonable price. It was also clear to me that I wanted a brand based on high standards, ethic and honesty. Product design was also a very important aspect: I wanted it to be modern, clean and light, using as less packaging as possible and presenting all the product information directly printed on primary packaging.

NATRUE: How is nature represented in GreenEtiq’s products?
Tine Ejlersen: Nature has always filled me with joy. It has always given me peace and a nice chance to “recharge”. Personally, I love to spend time in nature: I go on daily walks with my dog, and go on bike rides or trips on horseback in the surrounding forests near to my place. Bringing these feelings of joy and peace linked to nature to GreenEtiq’s products was a must for me. Sustainability also plays a key role in GreenEtiq: we develop our products taking care of our environment so that future generations have an equally beautiful, green world to grow up in, as we have today.

The increasing awareness about living healthy is paving the way for more awareness about what we eat and what we put on our skin. GreenEtiq believes in a holistic approach to skincare that is fully in harmony with nature. For this reason, we have chosen our products to be free of raw materials of animal origin.

NATRUE: What are the main ingredients used in GreenEtiq’s products?
Tine Ejlersen: At GreenEtiq we use a wide range of fine raw materials cared for every day by committed gardeners. Some of our key ingredients are Organic Aloe Vera, Organic Apricot, Organic Rosemary and Organic Lavender. Many of our products also contain Organic Argan oil, Organic Wheat germ oil and Organic Almond Oil.

NATRUE: What qualities do you think Danish consumers look for in natural and organic cosmetics?
Tine Ejlersen: In Denmark people are in general very ”green”, and they look for ”the real thing” in their purchases. It is difficult sometimes to find out how green or organic a brand actually is. For this reason, we believe that the NATRUE Label helps our consumers to identify natural cosmetics. The NATRUE Label is trusted by people, and it reflects values close to nature protection and sustainable and organic agriculture, which are essential to GreenEtiq.

NATRUE: What is the value of the NATRUE Label for GreenEtiq’s products?
Tine Ejlersen: The NATRUE certification is almost everything to GreenEtiq: ”Green” and ”Etiq” really go very well with NATRUE. Furthermore we feel that our values are aligned, and that the NATRUE organic certification perfectly reflects the qualities of GreenEtiq’s products.

At GreenEtiq we are very proud of having obtained the NATRUE organic certification for our products. In our opinion, this is the most reliable kind of organic certification for cosmetics that you can have. NATRUE looks at the complete production process and has some very demanding requirements to grant their certification, which sends a very professional and trustworthy message in the market. As a NATRUE brand, you can use a great deal of  verifiable ”green”, good claims in your certified products, which contributes to bringing more transparency and clarity to consumers.

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