To help integrate the NATRUE Label scheme into stakeholder operations, NATRUE has developed a practical user-friendly Technical Guidance Document (Guide), a valuable resource to support interpretation and clarification of the NATRUE Label Criteria.

What does the Guide cover?
This Guide compliments the Label Criteria by offering clear explanations and a curated collection of verified examples from the NATRUE Scientific Committee. It aims to facilitate the understanding and case-by-case application of the in-force NATRUE Criteria to both cosmetic raw materials and finished products.  Additionally, the Guide provides explanation of the raw material scheme and its application as approved by the NATRUE Board.

What is the Raw Material Scheme?
Launched in January 2020, the scheme establishes a harmonised framework for third-party verification of raw materials against the criteria and characteristics defined in the internationally applicable NATRUE standard. Upon successful verification, raw materials receive certificates of conformity issued by a NAC (NATRUE Accredited Certifier) and these ingredients are then highlighted and promoted in the NATRUE database. This process empowers formulators of certified natural and organic cosmetics to easily identify and procure third-party verified raw materials and facilitates the formulation of NATRUE-certified cosmetics. The Scheme includes transition periods for new and existing finished products, which are explained in the Guide.

Who is the Raw Material Scheme for?
The Scheme has been created for both B2B raw material producers, traders, and wholesalers, as well as B2C finished product manufacturers to offer a harmonised end-to-end third-party verification system across the supply chain. This promotes access to verified natural, organic, and sustainable raw materials, thereby simplifying new product development.

What are the benefits of the Scheme?
For finished product manufacturers the Scheme saves time – whether it’s accessing an open ‘shopping list’ of compliant ingredients for innovation through to streamlining pre-evaluating formulations of new product lines and formulations.

For raw material producers, traders, and wholesalers the Scheme offers:

  • VALIDATION: Secure transparent, independent third-party verification of natural, organic, and sustainable criteria – reinforcing your products and supporting your customers’ claims.
  • EFFICIENCY: Simplify processes, save time, and reduce redundant paperwork and administrative burdens. Once third-party verified, your certificate is all you will need. Simple!
  • PROACTIVITY: Respond quickly and easily assist conformity requests from your customers for existing and new products.
  • PROMOTION: Gain international visibility for your products through inclusion in the NATRUE online database (free and publicly available) and the use of our recognised NATRUE label.
  • INTERNATIONAL USE: The NATRUE Label stands as an internationally applicable and well-recognised seal of trust and quality validated by third-party verification – supporting your reputation in markets globally.

NATRUE firmly believe that aligning your raw materials with the trustworthy reference of the NATRUE Label presents a strategic opportunity to differentiate your offerings in the competitive marketplace while fostering and building consumer trust.

Where can I access the Technical Guide?
The Technical Guidance Document can be found here:

How can NATRUE support?
Whether you’re a raw material supplier or finished product manufacturer, if you have specific need assistance with raw materials or support in contacting your suppliers, we are here to help – please contact Viktoria Potko (

If you have any further questions or need for information, please do not hesitate to contact us at