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“True beauty that we can implement into our everyday lives”: meet Amala Beauty

Dalia Fernandez, Director of Product Development
I have always been passionate about wellness, natural beauty and 100% natural products. I dedicated the last 8 years of my career to the beauty industry, in which I hope to elevate standards and contribute to the development of skincare and treatments that empower natural beauty.
I lived in China for almost 10 years, during which I learned how the beauty and wellness industry operate in such an exciting part of the world. I was employed at the beauty-tech company FOREO and managed their product development and product marketing. I am currently the Product Development Director at Amala and I am fully responsible for end-to-end product development from the formulations to the sustainable packaging and everything in between.

NATRUE: How and when was your brand created?
Dalia Fernandez: Our story began decades ago in the foothills of the German Alps when Amala’s pioneering founder began tinkering with essential oils in the early 1970s. Her passion for essential oils and plants was rivaled only by her love of nature, and it was clear from an early age that her life’s work would be rooted in both. We instinctively understood that nature gives us everything our skin needs to thrive and dedicated our lives to shattering the misconception that natural skincare doesn’t work.

NATRUE: ‘Living Skincare for Living Skin’ is your motto. If I am not wrong, you combine natural formulas with science. What are the benefits of biochemistry?
Dalia Fernandez: At Amala, our mission is to embody natural beauty through powerfully pure, results-driven skincare developed in harmony with nature and our environment. We are all part of nature, and nature is our inspiration for true, living beauty that we can implement into our everyday lives.

Our biochemists tap the power of highly concentrated, bio-fermented natural ingredients, which are rich in pre+pro+postbiotics and more readily absorbed by the body for maximum results. Our cold pressed, whole plant extracts and essences optimize your skin’s ability to strengthen, repair, and protect itself, resulting in a healthy, naturally radiant complexion.

Groundbreaking research on mineral compounds, phytoretinols and pre+probiotics led to the development of cutting edge, biotic complexes that supercharge the formulas, increase absorption, and adjust to each individual’s microbiome for tailored, maximum results.

NATRUE: What is the Living Beauty Biotic Complex featured in almost every Amala product?
Dalia Fernandez: Amala’s product development team worked closely with a highly regarded natural biotech lab to create the Living Beauty Biotic Complex. Our goal was to further advance Amala’s anti-aging and skin brightening results.

Exclusive to Amala, the Living Beauty Biotic complex is a highly concentrated blend of powerful living nutrients and it is Amala’s signature cocktail of skin-revitalizing Peony, calming Rose Gold, vitamin c-rich Amla and antioxidant Spirulina. The concentrated probiotic blend is fully bioavailable and easily absorbed for boosted, individualized skin results.

NATRUE: How do you make products available for each and every skin type?
Dalia Fernandez: At Amala, we believe that one size does not fit all. Individuals may share similar conditions like irritation, hypersensitivity, acne but the levels of bacteria and other markers vary from person to person and that is why we have taken an individualized approach to skincare treatments.

Biotic skincare is the combination of probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics – an efficacious foundation of Amala formulas designed to nurture and balance the skin’s microbiome. Amala’s individualized approach to luxury spa treatments inspired us to develop 6 biotic complexes, each to target a specific skin type and need.

NATRUE: Why did you choose NATRUE? What would you say to brand that want to join NATRUE? And to consumers?
Dalia Fernandez: At Amala, the level of our commitment to proven product performance is rivaled only by our dedication to creating truly natural products. We believe outer beauty is an expression of our inner wellbeing.

In the US, there aren’t strict regulations in the natural and organic skincare space and there is a lot of greenwashing since brands are not required to disclose all of the ingredients in a formula. We are very proud to carry the NATRUE seal because we believe it is the only certification that provides transparency to end consumers by allowing them to easily access the NATRUE standards and a list of all NATRUE-certified products online.

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