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Biodynamic products from biodynamic farming: meet aeos

Mike Booth, Chairman of AEOS and Aura-Soma
For over 30 years Mike has been pioneering water purification techniques, working with crystals and looking beyond organic.
He actualised his dreams by purchasing with 550 acres of land in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds and converted the farm to biodynamic farming methods as the natural step in caring for the land.

NATRUE: How and why was AEOS created?
Mike Booth: The founder and innovator of Aura-Soma, Vicky Wall, and I wondered what the results could be if we went beyond organic skincare. If capturing nature’s living powers right at their life-force and combining them with ground-breaking technical expertise and spagyric quintessences of crystals, could be the answer to our most beautiful skin yet. These are the questions that Vicky and I were intuitively inspired to answer over 30 years ago. After Vicky’s passing in 1991, I continued our work to honour Vicky’s vision. And the result is AEOS – born in 2010 – the next generation in advanced biodynamic skincare.

NATRUE: Are AEOS products organic or biodynamic? What’s the difference?
Mike Booth: AEOS products contain both biodynamic and organic ingredients. We grow as much as we can on our Demeter-certified biodynamic farm, and source other ingredients from exceptional biodynamic and organic farmers from around the world.

While biodynamic farming reflects many principles of organic farming there’s a fundamental contrast. Because biodynamic farming means creating an ecosystem that’s capable of producing everything it could possibly need without any external input. And because of this, every living creature on the farm – from the humble earth worm to the insects and flowers – plays a vital role in nurturing and nourishing the earth and the plants and food it produces.

NATRUE: Colors, like pink or blue, are important to AEOS. Why? Is it a good marketing strategy or is there something else behind it?
Mike Booth: AEOS is made with love and intention by Aura-Soma, a unique colour therapy system. Which colours are of most benefit to us depends on our unique circumstances. Our intuition guides us to the unique combination of skincare products that best meet the individual needs of our skin.

Being attracted to the calming hues of blue signals the desire to find more peace and serenity in your daily life. To choose blue is to invite stillness and calm within, to find peace and acceptance with our circumstances. Our blue formulations, rich in skin-soothing chamomile and enhanced with spagyric crystal quintessences of amethyst, turquoise and emerald, that help you slow down, breathe deep and soothe away the effects of stress from your skin.

When you’re drawn to the warm hues of pink, you instinctively recognise the desire to bring more kindness, caring and love into your life. Feeling drawn to pink is a gentle reminder to make space in your life to nurture and look after yourself, just as you nurture and look after your loved ones. Our pink formulations are enhanced with spagyric crystal quintessences of fire opal, rose quartz and rubellite, that help to support the heart chakra and assist you in achieving the rosy complexion that replenishing these pink qualities within yourself helps to create.

Choosing products in this way can deliver nurturing at a far deeper level than choosing them based on our skincare needs alone.

NATRUE: Summer is here! What products would you mark as essential and why?
Mike Booth: Our Refreshing Hydrating Mist is a must for hydration. Especially in the summer months. Premium-grade organic and biodynamic botanicals and crystal essences uplift the skin, while an active blend of fruit and flower hydrosols further revitalise and restore the skin’s natural harmony.

NATRUE: What is the added value NATRUE gives to your products?
Mike Booth: We feel that the NATRUE logo provides AEOS customers with an instant sense of trust. NATRUE is such a highly respected organisation that which aligns with the values of our business as well.

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