Certifying in:
Italy, Poland, USA and other 30 countries all over the world

Davide Troncon
Antonio Compagnoni
Stefano Astrini

Contact e-mail address: biologico@csqa.it

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CSQA is a certification and inspection body formed in Italy in 1990 from a long-established and prestigious institute of biotechnology. The certification of Italian companies in the food sector begun with CSQA, which was the first institution to be accredited by the National accreditation body (Accredia) and authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture for the monitoring of products with Registered Designation of Origin (PDO, PGI, TSG). Today, CSQA carries out certification, assessment, inspection and training activities in diverse sectors, ranging from Agro-Food and Packaging to Consumer Goods, Organic Products, etc. With offices in Italy and abroad, more than 200 employees and 400 professional auditors carry out CSQA’s certification and inspection audits over 30 countries around the world.

CSQA’s Organic Certification division deals with the development of certifications related to organic agriculture, intended both as primary production and product processing, as well as non-food products – including cosmetics – that use organic ingredients and production techniques that follow the principles of organic farming.