We have a common goal: to safeguard and promote pure authentic natural and organic cosmetics. Based in Brussels, our international secretariat works passionately to fulfill NATRUE’s mission.

        Dr Mark Smith – Director General

Role: Running of NATRUE, lead role in all political, regulatory and scientific affairs of the association – advocacy, research and label.

Mark graduated with a M.Chem (Hons.) degree in chemistry and an interdisciplinary PhD. between chemistry and genetics. Before joining NATRUE in June 2014, he developed further his research career with two positions covering biotechnology (Leeds, UK) and the biomedical/pharmaceutical sector (Montréal, Canada). Mark is a British national who has more than five years’ experience in Scientific Management. During the last ten years, he has been involved in the successful coordination of strategic and collaborative interdisciplinary projects via academic departmental and international research. Mark became Director General of NATRUE in July 2016.

Languages: English, French


Phone: +32 2 613 29 32

 Katrin Pilz – Office Manager

Role: Administrative support, responsible for ensuring legal, financial and HR matters and membership management.

Katrin joined NATRUE in January 2019. She provides administrative support and is responsible for ensuring legal, financial and employment requirements. In addition, she is involved in liaison with the European Parliament, manages NATRUE’s membership and prepares financial documents describing the office expenditure and budget. Katrin has lived in Brussels for ten years and has extensive experience in European Affairs for German and European liaison offices to the European Institutions. Katrin previously worked for 7 years at the German-Belgian-Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce in Brussels and advised SMEs on various matters.

Languages: German, English, French, Dutch, Italian and a bit of Spanish and Modern Greek


Phone: +32 2 613 29 30

Viktoria Potko – Label and Events Officer

Role: responsible for the certification process and the management of the NATRUE Label. In this role she leads the coordination of the certification process to the natural and organic cosmetic levels, NATRUE Label growth and international market trends.

Viktoria holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Communications and a Master ‘s degree in International Relations in addition to her 6+ years of experience in the personal care business. Before joining NATRUE in July 2020 as Label and Events Officer, Viktoria worked for well-established natural and organic cosmetics companies in Estonia and Russia. In her previous roles, Viktoria was involved in launching brand marketing campaigns on the international markets, organizing events, and managing trade marketing activities.

Languages: Russian, English, Estonian and French


Phone: +32 2 613 29 33



Paula Gómez de Tejada – Communications Officer


: In charge of developing and executing NATRUE’s communications strategies and plans on an international level. Responsible for content creation and dissemination, and website and social media management.

Paula joined NATRUE in September 2021, and oversees all public relations, information output, press releases and social media management. She is responsible for monitoring and coordinating NATRUE´s press and media presence, as well as handling press and media enquiries in coordination with external PR agencies. Having graduated with a degree in Journalism, with studies in Political Science and Administration and with a Masters in Global Governance and Human Rights, Paula is a Spanish national who has +8 years of experience in Communications. Previous experience includes creating and designing communication campaigns, drafting public policy strategies as discussions on commissioners of the CIDH and a Member of the European Parliament, and broadcasting information as a correspondent both on television and press.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, and a bit a French and German


Phone: +32 2 613 29 35

Muriel Cartiaux – Office Assistant

Role: Responsible for the products database of NATRUE’s website.

Muriel joined NATRUE in January 2018 as Office Assistant. She is responsible for keeping the products database of the website up to date and supporting office-related tasks.

Languages: French, English


Phone: +32 2 613 29 30

For any enquiries related to scientific or technical aspects linked to the NATRUE standard and the NATRUE certification process, please contact