NATRUE is an International Association and Label with members all around the world. You can find below all NATRUE Members listed per category and country.

Members A

Members A are also NATRUE’s Founding Members and the pioneers and largest producers of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetic products in Europe.

The oldest companies were founded 100 years ago and started producing Natural and Organic Cosmetics in the sixties. Consumers purchasing true natural and organic beauty products make a conscious choice based on the fundamental belief that this is a healthier option for them and for the environment in comparison to finish products made with artificial ingredients.

Members B

They are companies that operate globally in the production and/or distribution of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetics and chose the NATRUE Label to differentiate the high quality of their products. Once you are NATRUE-certified, you can join the Association and become a Member B with no additional costs, but you will definitely make a difference by joining us to help us shape the future of the Natural and Organic cosmetics sector.

Find below our Members B listed per countries.

5 members
  • BANO Health Care Gmbh
  • Grüne Erde GmbH
  • GW Cosmetics GmbH
  • Pure Green GmbH
  • Velvety Manufaktur GmbH
1 member
  • Zoutman NV/SA
2 members
  • OLIVAL d.o.o
  • Quarnero d.o.o.
1 member
  • La Ferme de Beauté Sarl (Beauty Garden)
24 members
  • Albaad Deutschland GmbH
  • Allgäuquelle Naturprodukte GmbH
  • Anton Hübner GmbH & Co. KG
  • Bonano GmbH
  • DM-drogerie markt GmbH + Co
  • Emil Kiessling GmbH
  • Fair Squared GmbH
  • Foodignity Labs GmbH (C!RCLY)
  • Hellmut Ruck GmbH
  • Herbalind GmbH & Co KG
  • Interco Cosmetics GmbH
  • Kappus Seifen GmbH Riesa & Co. KG
  • Kluge Vision (Kluge Beauty Organic)
  • LOGOCOS Naturkosmetik GmbH & Co. KG
  • Marulala Anziehend Sinnlich Schön
  • Müller Großhandels Ltd. & Co. KG
  • my bioLUXE
  • oceanBASIS GmbH
  • Phönix Laboratorium GmbH
  • Santaverde GmbH
  • Schaeben GmbH & Co. KG
  • Taoasis GmbH
  • Things we Love (lipfein)
  • 4peoplewhocare
4 members
  • Arrival Srl
  • GALA Srl
  • Inalme s.r.l
  • N&B srl
New Zealand
2 members
  • Essential Touch NZ Ltd
  • Trilogy Natural Products Ltd
1 member
  • Yana Cosmetics SAC (Mishki)
1 member
  • Beliso sp z.o.o.
1 member
  • Hemptouch Ltd
1 member
  • Oxfam Intermon
Sri Lanka
1 member
  • Nature's Beauty Creations Ltd
1 member
  • Tash Sisterhood AB
9 members
  • Farfalla Essentials AG
  • Jardin des Monts Sàrl
  • Liv Naturkosmetik (QuraDea)
  • Medena AG
  • Melisana AG
  • Robert & Josiane
  • Spagyros AG
  • The Powder Company
  • Water & Salt
United States of America
2 members
  • Amala LLC
  • Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps

Associate Members

NATRUE’s Associate Members are companies, associations, economic interest groupings or physical persons active in the field of natural and organic cosmetics around the world.

NATRUE’s Associate Members are:


Become a NATRUE member

NATRUE is about caring, protecting and promoting natural and organic cosmetics.

NATRUE membership is flexible and welcomes producers, manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic cosmetics, as well as associations and friends of the industry who share the values and ethics represented by the NATRUE Label. Shaping NATRUE’s mission and goals, sharing experience and knowledge and keeping up to date with the challenges and opportunities ahead are some of the benefits of being a member of NATRUE.

Find more information about how to become a NATRUE member in the membership package available for download below.

NATRUE Membership B form (Annex B to the NATRUE Agreement on the Usage of the NATRUE Label)

Label Users

The certification of finished products or raw materials on the basis of NATRUE criteria for natural and organic cosmetics is possible independent of being a member of NATRUE. Over 300 global brands are NATRUE label users and trust in the NATRUE seal to independently validate the natural and organic quality and authenticity of their products. More than 70 of these label users are NATRUE Members (Members A, B, C or Associate Members) who continue to define and steer the future vision, mission and goals of NATRUE that are essential for the protection and continuity of our beloved industry.

If you would like to become a NATRUE label user and have your products certified to the NATRUE Standard, please check the certification process for more information.