NATRUE has been at SANA, the main stage for organic and natural products, which took place from 8th to 11th September in Bologna (Italy). The four´-day event brought together 700 exhibitors.

NATRUE at the show
The current pandemic’ situation has been translated into results: compared to 2021, the Bologna trade show has received 50% more visitors. Laura Pedrini, President of the Gruppo Cosmetici Erboristeria of Cosmetica Italia, commented: “For the world of cosmetics, natural and sustainable products represent a consolidated consumer choice: suffice to say that in 2021 consumption of this type of product exceeded EUR 2.6 billion. This demand is transversal to different distribution channels, from grocery retail to online.”

The four-day show permitted NATRUE to meet again with some of our Italian Label Users, meet our partners and discover qualified professionals and companies. Moreover, NATRUE held several technical meetings and had the opportunity to read in-person NATRUE’s latest contribution for Cosmetics Technology – CEC Editore entitled: “L’impatto dei solari sull’ecosistema marino.”

Italian market overview
The NATRUE team joined some conferences and talks during SANA and they took some notes we want to share with you:

  • Overview: In Italy (2021), when choosing cosmetics linked to “natural” and “sustainable” claims, 28.1% of shoppers buy hair and scalp products; followed by make-up products (17.6%), body products (15.8%) and face products (14.6%.)[1]
  • NATRUE in Italy: In 2021, 19.1% of Italian consumers chosen products certified by NATRUE.
  • Market driver: In Italy, the most important purchase driver is the presence of offers or promotions (49%), followed by the presence of natural ingredients (33%) and the absence of specific substances (31%)[2]
  • Consumers: 40% of shoppers do not know the difference between natural and organic cosmetics and 75% of consumers have “strong doubts” to know the difference between natural and conventional cosmetics.
  • Curiosity: 71% of consumers want to know more about the topic of “natural cosmetics”.

Save the date: Next edition of SANA will take place from 7 to 10 September 2023. See you there!

You can find more information about SANA here.

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[2] Nomisma su Consumer Survey, 2022. ASSOBIO.