Today, 23rd November, is the International Day of Natural Cosmetics! The global awareness day, spearheaded by NATRUE, has been launched to promote natural cosmetics and inspire and motivate both the beauty industry and beauty consumer. For this 2022 edition, NATRUE wanted to give a voice to some of the people behind natural and organic cosmetics. Hear what they have to say!

NATRUE has brought together producers, manufacturers and distributors of natural and organic cosmetics from all over the word in a video-project. Divided into four different sections, the film puts a face to people who dedicate their lives to working for truly organic and natural cosmetics. Furthermore, the day serves to inspire consumers and motivate them to #choosetruebeauty. Curious to know more?

Go to NATRUE’s YouTube channel and watch the Day of Natural Cosmetics project, a set of four videos in which manufacturers, producers, raw material suppliers and cosmetic experts provide their answers to the following questions:

  • Chapter 1: What drew you to natural cosmetics? (Watch here),
  • Chapter 2: What inspires you about natural and organic cosmetics? (Watch here),
  • Chapter 3: Why did you choose NATRUE? (Watch here),
  • Chapter 4: What can natural cosmetics bring to the industry, people, and the planet? (Watch here).

Lastly, to know more about us, NATRUE wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce some of the team behind NATRUE: meet the NATRUE Secretariat and the Board of Directors (BOD) – made up of representatives of the pioneering companies and the largest producers of authentic Natural and Organic Cosmetic products in Europe. 

Enjoy, share and get involved!