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“Nature is where all begins”: meet Domenico Scordari, CEO of N&B Natural is Better

Photo: Domenico Scordari, CEO of N&B Natural is Better / Credit: N&B Natural is Better

Domenico Scordari was born in 1966. Ever since he was a child, he has been fascinated by the beauty of nature, and he enjoyed spending his free time listening to the old farmers and learning about their traditional herbal remedies. At the age of 15, while focusing on the study of natural products and vegetal extracts, he began working in the family business. In 1989, Domenico founded N&B Natural is Better, originally a little laboratory focused on the research and development of natural solutions. From that moment on, he has invested in the development of a complete production cycle in Salento (Italy): from organic cultivation to extraction of active principles and tailor-made private label production, N&B Natural is Better guarantees the highest quality standards while fulfilling the company’s mission “People & Planet First”.

To this date, Domenico Scordari is acknowledged as a brilliant business leader and “game changer” in the natural and organic cosmetics sector. Despite the worldwide success and recognition of his companies, Domenico still thinks local: N&B Natural is Better continues to have a positive impact on its local community, in Martano, where they invest actively on biodiversity and sustainability through their production of organic aloe vera.

NATRUE: How was N&B “Natural is Better” born? What are the values of this company?
Domenico Scordari: I founded N&B Natural is Better over 30 years ago, following a great passion for nature and realising my dream to create natural solutions to improve people’s lives. I started with a small laboratory in my house in the city of Martano. Since the beginning, N&B has been tied to Salento, showing a strong sense of commitment and becoming an ambassador of the local territory and its values in the whole world through our products and work. We are a dynamic company strongly committed to reaching the best quality and environmental and social sustainability, placing People and Planet first: our business is based on friendship, ethics, transparency and moral principles.

NATRUE: N&B “Natural is  Better” develops products for private labels, but you also have your own brands. How do you meet the expectations of both producers and consumers?
Domenico Scordari: N&B follows a “tailor-made concept” by developing personalised projects and product lines for companies all over the world: exactly like a tailor creates a custom-made suit for a customer. This approach has allowed us to best interpret new ideas and market needs. Our brand “Naturalis Organic Beauty” is the innovative “product concept” example to introduce our novelties to customers worldwide and to develop their products. This is how N&B has become over the years the creator of new organic beauty concepts. The winning combination of tradition, innovation and sustainability leads to the development of extraordinary products that conquer both the trust of companies and end consumers all around the world.

NATRUE: N&B “Natural is Better” has a green concept: “People & Planet First”. What does it mean in practice?
Domenico Scordari: Our mission “People & Planet First” promotes a sustainable business model where the attention and care towards human relationships and the planet are fundamental aspects at the base of every interaction with customers, suppliers, our team and the community. The protection of biodiversity and the respect towards the environment in the entire production cycle are also at the core of our activities.

In 2016, N&B obtained the B Corp Certification, which is granted to companies that use business as a force for good to create a more equal and inclusive society and to regenerate the biosphere. As of 2019, N&B has also adopted the legal status of “Benefit Corporation”, a natural evolution that formalised our commitment to achieve a balance between profitability and positive impact for people and the planet.

NATRUE: What is the star ingredient of N&B “Natural is Better”? Where does this ingredient come from?
Domenico Scordari: The ingredients grown in our Naturalis farmhouse in Salento, in the south of Italy, are characterised by our short supply chain. They distinguish our cosmetic creations, bringing our customers on a journey of Mediterranean authenticity and richness. Our extracts of Aloe vera, Olive oil, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Wine extract, Tobacco and Pomegranate become active ingredients highly valued in the cosmetic industry. Among these ingredients, Aloe vera is undoubtedly the “king” of our Naturalis farmhouse: having an extraordinary concentration of active ingredients, more specifically polysaccharides, Aloe Vera’s pure gel is the “star ingredient” in our products.

NATRUE: How is N&B “Natural is Better” adapting to the new trends and consumer demands in the natural and organic cosmetics sector?
Domenico Scordari: N&B was a pioneer in developing an “organic cosmetic concept” in the late 90’s. Our experience gained over the years and our commitment to research and innovation has allowed us to become a model of innovation in the cosmetic field and to achieve great results and international awards, as well as to anticipate the expectations of end consumers and effectively meet their needs.

In recognition of its experience and commitment to research and innovation in the cosmetics field, N&B Natural is Better has been granted in 2020 an award for their “BEAUTYFOOD Skin Energy Booster” by the international agency BEAUTYSTREAMS, recognizing this product as a key beauty trend in 2020.


NATRUE: What does the NATRUE Label represent for you? How do you see its role in the natural and organic cosmetic sector?
Domenico Scordari: Nowadays customers demand more about products and are well informed about their ingredients, benefits and impact. At the same time, there is still much confusion about what the claims “natural” and “organic” mean. In this regard, the NATRUE Label is a guarantee for certified products: when manufacturers and consumers see the NATRUE Label, they know that what they are buying is a real natural and organic cosmetic. NATRUE is a synonym of transparency, credibility and green quality of ingredients and final products. At N&B we are proud to be a NATRUE Member and to introduce companies to NATRUE, selling our NATRUE certified products and ingredients worldwide.

Photo: Aloe vera plantation / Credit: N&B Natural is Better

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