On 23rd November, NATRUE celebrates the International Day of Natural Cosmetics. Following the success of last year’s celebration, we are determined to ensure that the natural and organic cosmetics industry receives the recognition and value it deserves at all levels. For this reason, we have prepared an incredible project, and we want to offer you the possibility of being part of the International Day of Natural Cosmetics 2023!

What can you do?
In 2023, NATRUE invites you to take the lead and create a campaign to promote natural cosmetics. Do you have a brilliant idea to showcase your brand? How about hosting a workshop or an online chat? Or even opening your fields/production area for visits? Another exciting option could be organising a workshop on natural ingredients in cosmetics. All ideas are more than welcome! Rest assured that NATRUE will promote all your campaigns, both on a dedicated website and on social media.

If you want to know more about the project, join NATRUE’s explanatory webinar on 27th July at 10:00h (Brussels time)
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About the day
Launched last year for the first time, the focus of the Day is to encourage producers, manufacturers, and distributors of natural and organic cosmetics, as well as organisations and individuals to promote natural cosmetics and inspire and motivate both the beauty industry and beauty consumer. This global awareness day is a recognised project included in the One Planet Network’s Knowledge center, a platform that offers the best resources about sustainable consumption and production from around the world.