We all strive to make the right choices for us, people, and the planet, but how can you distinguish authentic natural and organic cosmetics from mere greenwashing? In a context where there is no official regulation of what natural and organic mean for cosmetics, how can you be sure you’re making a good choice? Embark on a journey with NATRUE as we proudly present our latest corporate masterpiece – an easy-to-digest and modern video that explains why the NATRUE label can be your best ally.

In just over a minute, our visually stunning production unravels the core principles of NATRUE and its unwavering values: transparency, impartiality, and commitment. Elevating the experience further, this video is available in five languages (English, German, Spanish, Italian and French), and aims to explain why shoppers can be sure they are not being misled by false claims when buying a product that carries the NATRUE Label. Discover why NATRUE stands as your beacon of trust, ensuring that every product bearing our label is a genuine commitment to authenticity.

Why choose NATRUE? Here’s why our label is a safe bet:

NATRUE does not cheat you: our online database is accessible to everyone, empowering you with knowledge;
NATRUE is independent: all products carrying the NATRUE Label have undergone an impartial and rigorous certification process.
NATRUE fights against greenwashing: We don’t believe in “hero products”; that’s why we have instituted the 75% rule, which means that at least 75% of the products of a brand need to be NATRUE certified to be granted our seal.
NATRUE meets consumer expectations: No substances from GMOs, silicones, parabens, microplastics, synthetic fragrances or mineral oils are permitted in the formulation of products carrying the NATRUE Label.
NATRUE respects product’s uniqueness: A shampoo is different from a hand cream; for this reason, NATRUE distinguishes 13 product categories to guarantee maximum levels of natural and organic content acknowledging the different functions of each product category.

Still curious? Click on the picture below and watch our video. And feel free to share the message far and wide; because when it comes to making conscious choices, NATRUE leads the way!