With consumers’ interests at heart, the international NATRUE standard has always been in line with consumer perceptions, delivering quality natural and organic cosmetics that truly meet their expectations. This summer NATRUE has reached a remarkable milestone with over 6,000 products worldwide now bearing the NATRUE seal – keeping the NATRUE standard at the forefront of the Natural and Organic Cosmetics (NOC) sector!

Leading brands in the NOC sector trust NATRUE

Global NOC brand leaders and NATRUE founders Weleda, Dr Hauschka, Lavera, Primavera and Logocos were amongst the first to carry the NATRUE seal on their products, and over the past decade these pioneers have been joined by many more new up-and-coming brands. As of June 2018, more than 6,000 NATRUE certified products are now available on the market, from approximatively 230 committed brands, with more in the pipeline!

The NATRUE Label represents trust and authenticity, setting the standard that a true natural and organic cosmetic should be. It’s a global seal, instantly recognisable wherever you are in the world – with brands from 32 different countries, from the USA to Japan and throughout the European market.

For the consumer, the seal provides instant clarification whether a natural and organic cosmetic is truly worthy of that name, and that it is of the highest quality. Moreover, consumer confidence in the NATRUE seal is clear and combined worldwide consumer sales attributable to products carrying the NATRUE logo exceed 1 billion euros.

Strictness and transparency: what makes the NATRUE Label the choice of market leaders?

The NATRUE Label offers a guarantee that those brands using it are committed to fighting greenwashing, both for ingredients and finished products. The NATRUE criteria have achieved this by setting clear requirements for a product’s contents, its naturalness or organic credentials, and by focusing on authenticity, transparency and clarity – not ambiguity.

The NATRUE Label guarantees a meaningful standard for natural and organic cosmetics. The requirements of the NATRUE Label mean that certified products cannot contain mineral oils, silicones, GMOs, microbeads, synthetic fragrances, artificial preservatives such as parabens, as well as setting requirements for the biodegradability of certain ingredients to protect the environment, and a global ban on the use of its seal on products where animal testing is required. Thanks to this strictness and transparency, the NATRUE Label is a market leader for certified natural and organic cosmetics with the highest number of certified products.

Dr. Mark Smith, General Director of NATRUE, commented: “Now, more than 10 years after the founding of the NATRUE Label and the establishment of its criteria, we are delighted to celebrate the proud milestone of 6,000 certified products. This milestone is unquestionably a testament to the dedication and commitment of all our partners on this journey. Our goal remains clear: authenticity and transparency is key to consumer confidence and market growth. We will continue to raise awareness of natural skin care, and to protect and promote this internationally”.

Looking to the future: NATRUE will continue to fight for a higher quality in the NOC sector

Over the last decade, the Natural and Organic Cosmetics sector has significantly grown and we can clearly see the potential for this trend to persist in future with the rising focus on conscious and ethical consumerism. A crucial factor is to maintain consumer trust for sectoral growth. This can only happen through transparency; meaning all those involved must be proactive in their commitment to eliminate greenwashing to deliver the authenticity consumers demand.

This is why NATRUE was created by its founders – to protect and promote the sector – and why from day one our mission has been to work closely with the numerous stakeholders, including the EU institutions, for the benefit of the NOC sector and the consumers of our beloved products.