NATRUE has co-signed an industry letter warning EU Member States for the risks of Single Market fragmentation in the upcoming adoption of the General Approach on the Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR). In particular, the collective statement cautions that the current approach risks unravelling the Single Market by allowing Member States to implement their individual constraints, potentially impacting supply chain and discouraging investments in technologies.

As the EU Council prepares to adopt its General Approach on the revision of the PPWR over 100 organisations from the packaging value chain have stressed the importance of adopting measures that align with both environmental and competitiveness objectives of the EU.

The letter highlights that: “the success of the PPWR will be measured against its ability to create a workable legislative framework. This means delivering an ambitious yet viable EU packaging law, which sets the direction of travel for packaging manufacturers and users to achieve Europe’s sustainability goals while preserving packaging’s key role in protecting consumers, products and the viability of Europe’s supply chain.”

Read the full letter here.