NATRUE proudly participated in in-cosmetics Global 2024, the premier international event dedicated to personal care ingredients, held in Paris (France) from 16 to 18 April 2024. The event attracted over 12,500 attendees from around the globe, offering a platform for fostering valuable networking opportunities, unveiling innovative product displays, and featuring insightful speaker sessions, among which NATRUE’s presentation stood up, that shaped the industry’s future and discussed emerging trends.

This year, NATRUE was prominently featured in the Sustainability Zone, a dedicated area designed to showcase exhibitors committed to promoting sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. This encompasses product planning, formulation, ingredient sourcing, packaging, manufacturing, transportation, and, of course, certification. As you all know, the NATRUE certification is a perfect way to help worldwide consumers identify truly natural and organic cosmetics at a glance!

“In an ever-evolving environmental landscape, third-party certification remains paramount in providing consumers with the highest level of reassurance and transparency.” – assured Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General, emphasizing the importance of certification in today’s market.

On Thursday 18th April, Dr Mark Smith took the floor and delivered a compelling presentation titled “Substantiating environmental claims through certification”. This session delved into the evolving landscape of environmental legislation, highlighting the importance of third-party certification in offering consumers the highest level of reassurance and transparency. During the 40-minute presentation, Dr Smith elaborated on the key principles and benefits of NATRUE certification, discussed upcoming legislative changes, and underscored how certification can assist businesses in navigating these changes effectively.

Throughout the event, the NATRUE team engaged in productive discussions with a diverse array of stakeholders, including manufacturers of finished cosmetic products, consultants, distributors, and suppliers of natural and organic raw materials. These interactions underscored the growing interest in the NATRUE Certification and its benefits for both brands and consumers.

The increasing curiosity about the NATRUE Standard was palpable, reaffirming the NATRUE label as a trusted symbol of quality and sustainability. We extend our sincere gratitude to everyone who visited our booth, engaging in meaning conversation and expressing interest in out initiatives!

Save the date: In-cosmetics Global 2023, 8-10 April 2025 (Amsterdam)