NATRUE has collaborated in the project “Testing the Applicability of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information”, conducted by One Planet Network in collaboration with UN Environment as part of the road testing of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information. The aim of this project is to share a practical application of the Guidelines’ principles by companies and standard-setting organisations.

NATRUE’s case study provides feedback on principles that aim to establish minimum requirements (“fundamental principles”: reliability, relevance, transparency, clarity and accessibility) and to encourage ambition, improvement and sustainability leadership (“aspiration principles”: three-dimensions of sustainability, multi-channel and innovative approach, behaviour change and longer term impact, collaboration and comparability) when providing product sustainability information to consumers in the cosmetics sector.

With this case study, NATRUE has contributed to shaping this UN-backed initiative to improve consumer information worldwide and to support consumer transparency in the natural and organic cosmetic sector. Through NATRUE’s criteria and NATRUE’s online products database, NATRUE provides consumers with a solid reference to identify authentic natural and organic cosmetics that meet their demands.

NATRUE’s case study is available here.

Partner of Consumer Information for SCP
As of November 2019, NATRUE is a proud Partner of the Consumer Information Programme of the One Planet Network. Find out more about this initiative here.

NATRUE's case study - Testing the Applicability of the Guidelines for Providing Product Sustainability Information (UN Environment)