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 NATRUE’s new Presidency

As of 1st August 2019, Dr. Bernhard Irrgang, Head of R&D Natural and Organic Cosmetics at Weleda, is NATRUE’s appointed President for the next 3-year term. Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing, Head of Science at WALA Heilmittel GmbH, continues in his position of Vice President of NATRUE after being appointed in 2018.

NATRUE is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr. Bernhard Irrgang as NATRUE’s President for the next 3-year term. Unanimously supported by the NATRUE Board, their election is a clear reflection of strength and confidence in NATRUE’s commitment and contribution to the natural and organic cosmetics (NOC) sector. Protecting and promoting truly natural and organic cosmetics requires the invaluable wealth of experience and expertise of our members, which support us in the advocacy and further development of high-quality benchmarks, as referenced in the NATRUE standard, that guarantee trust both for companies and consumers and allow growth for the sector.

NATRUE is confident that we can face together the new challenges in the NOC sector as well as embrace and get the most out of the new and arising opportunities with the guidance of our new President and Vice President.

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang, Head of R&D Natural and Organic Cosmetics at Weleda AG

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang
Fotograph: Michael Peuckert – Weleda AG

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang started his professional career at REWO Chemische Werke GmbH, where his work focused on the research and development of new surfactants and other active ingredients for cosmetic and household applications. In his position as Laboratory Head at Cosmital SA (Wella AG) he also worked in the development of hair care products for the Japanese and South Korean markets. Dr. Irrgang worked for over 15 years at Mibelle AG, one of the biggest Swiss companies operating in the personal care and beauty sector, where as Head of Department Research & Development he was responsible for formula and packaging development, quality, compliance and safety. Since July 2017, Dr. Irrgang is the Head of R&D Natural and Organic Cosmetics at Weleda AG, where he is responsible for galenics development, packaging development, development of fragrances and actives and innovation management, among others.

Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing, Head of Science at WALA Heilmittel GmbH

Dr. Florian Stintzing
Fotograph: Anna Hirte – WALA Heilmittel GmbH

Prof. Dr. Stintzing is a Member of the Board of NATRUE since 2013. He is currently Head of Science at WALA Heilmittel GmbH, where he has worked for over 10 years in the research and development of analytical methods for raw material quality control, as well as in phytochemical research and the study of the composition, effects and benefits of plants and their uses for skincare and healing qualities. Prof. Dr. Stintzing combines his charge at WALA Heilmittel GmbH with regular lectures on analytics and technology of plant foodstuff at the University of Hohenheim. Since 2014, Prof. Dr. Stintzing is also a Member of the Management Board of WALA Heilmittel GmbH.

A united strategy for the future

Dr. Bernhard Irrgang and Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing, representatives of two of the pioneering NOC companies at European level (Weleda will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2021 and WALA’s brand Dr. Hauschka has been in the market for over 50 years), share a common vision about the challenges and opportunities for the NOC industry. Both agree that a united approach is necessary to support the guarantees reflected in the NATRUE standard for producers and consumers. It remains key to advocate for the protection of NOC products by combatting greenwashing and contributing to help consumers to identify truly natural and organic cosmetic products.

When asked about their strategy for the future, NATRUE’s President and Vice President agree on the need to further develop NATRUE’s Label to adapt it to the current challenges in the cosmetics market. “A lot of companies want to sell their products as ‘natural’, but they do not comply with the label requirements from a private certification such as NATRUE. Therefore, there is a lot of consumer confusion in the market. NATRUE contributes to show clearly to consumers what a truly natural and organic cosmetic product should guarantee through the transparency and integrity of NATRUE’s Label”, said Dr. Bernhard Irrgang.

As consumers’ awareness about natural and organic products rises, there are increased demands on NOC products to live up to high-quality, rigorous and transparent standards. Even so what will be the next step for certified natural cosmetics? According to Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing, “We need to handle the core questions related to the current discussions on climate change, plastic waste and endangered species preservation and deliver solutions to improve the sustainability of our industry and to protect biodiversity. It is time for a change and NATRUE’s members have the chance to run at the forefront of this movement and make a difference.”

Striking a balance between sustainability and market development is one of the biggest challenges not only for the natural and organic cosmetic sector, but for the industry in general. The development of innovative techniques and ingredients can be a good option to preserve precious raw materials while still offering consumers a wide range of products adapted to their needs. “The natural and organic cosmetics sector has changed enormously over the last 15 years. The range of products that we have today is remarkable and consumers have access to more information allowing them to independently build their opinions and make decisions. However, nowadays it is also more difficult to choose products because there is a much broader offer, which is supported by an increase in the speed of innovation as well as a decrease of the longevity of products. In the midst of a wide arrange of products that try to depict themselves as natural or organic without providing any qualified guarantee of authenticity to consumers, it is more important than ever that we have reliable, transparent and trustworthy standards such as NATRUE’s one, which allow consumers to know exactly what they can expect of a truly natural and organic cosmetic product by offering them transparent and detailed information”, said Dr. Bernhard Irrgang.

NATRUE keeps consolidating its position as a reference for transparency and reliability in the NOC market. “It is a fact that the NATRUE Label has set a benchmark for quality, transparency and trust in the natural and organic cosmetics sector”, added Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing. “This is the label that we trust the most and it seems that this is a shared opinion by all the label users that trust NATRUE. Over 6,200 products have already been certified to the NATRUE Standard and numbers keep on increasing.”

“NATRUE is thrilled to count on the expertise of Dr. Bernhard Irrgang and Prof. Dr. Florian Stintzing in their positions of NATRUE’s President and Vice President to take NATRUE into the 2020s. Weleda and WALA are two of the founding members of NATRUE and have created trailblazing and influential brands active in the German, European and global markets and have both proven their commitment to true natural and organic cosmetic products for decades. NATRUE is about all our members and label users; those who share our values when it comes to the need for high-quality definitions, product transparency and consumer trust. From our advocacy work for better regulation to our principles embedded into the NATRUE label criteria, NATRUE remains a beacon for those who are highly committed to the future improvement and growth of our beloved natural and organic cosmetic sector”, said Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE’s Director General.


NATRUE is an international non-profit organisation located in Brussels. It has promoted and protected authentic natural and organic cosmetics since 2007. The NATRUE Label sets a high standard which guarantees quality and integrity so consumers worldwide may identify and enjoy natural and organic cosmetics truly worthy of that name. Currently over 6,200 products and more than 280 raw materials are NATRUE certified. Products are listed on the publicly accessible database in our website (


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