Version 3.8 of the NATRUE Standard contains an update of Table 1, which lists the formulation requirements to be met by every product certified to the NATRUE criteria. Per category, whether it is a shampoo, shower gel, body lotion, hand cream, make-up or toothpaste, every product must met a guaranteed minimum content (%) of natural substances and maximum content (%) of derived natural substances. Table 1 was created in the first version of the NATRUE Standard, and these unique formulation requirements are necessary to protect a strong definition of authentic natural and organic cosmetics in order to meet consumers’ demands.

Table 1 has remained unchanged since the earliest days of the Standard’s creation in 2008 and first certified products in 2009. With its update, the NATRUE Standard continues to enable NATRUE Label users to develop high quality natural and organic cosmetics, keeping the Standard’s strict and rigorous Label criteria. This recent update permits to further develop the capability for green and sustainable innovation, which go hand-in-hand with evolving market demands and increasing consumer expectations.

You can download Version 3.8 of the NATRUE Standard (in English) in the download box below. For other language versions, please check the Natrue Criteria section.

NATRUE Standard - EN - Version 3.8 - June 2019