Whether you’re looking to communicate more effectively or driving a cohesive communication towards NATRUE’s vision and goals, NATRUE has created a new tool: the NATRUE Global Brand Guideline. The document includes frameworks, tools, and guidance designed to complement those wishing to communicate about NATRUE in order to drive a cohesive and consistent communication strategy.

NATRUE Global Brand Guide
NATRUE currently has its NATRUE Label Usage Guidelines (Version 2 – 2021), which includes binding elements on the use and representation of the label. These guidelines are a mandatory element of the NATRUE label criteria, are referenced in the standard, and the Agreement on the Usage of the NATRUE Label, and reference the fact that labelling, claims and communication about the natural and organic qualities of a product must be clear so as not to mislead or confuse consumers.

The new NATRUE Global Brand Guide acts as a complementary and expansive reference tool for marketing and communication of the NATRUE label in an easy-to-digest way. The new reference tool aims to support a company’s marketing and communication departments by helping to align, support, and enhance the essential elements of the NATRUE label and its criteria more effectively. Specifically, the document helps stakeholders to know more about NATRUE’s background, common need-to-know terms and definitions associated with the label criteria, how to display and personalise messaging, FAQs, supporting links, and much more.

The Global Brand Guide is divided into five sections:
1. The NATRUE Label & goals: An explanation of why NATRUE is more than a logo.
2. Communicate NATRUE! Providing guidance to help you communicate about NATRUE consistently.
3. NATRUE’s basic design elements: Introducing you to detailed information on how to properly use the key elements of our visual identity (the label, colours, and imagery) of the NATRUE Logo to enhance its recognition.
4. Make it personal: How to express the reasons for choosing NATRUE certification is as unique as brand or your company.
5. More questions? Answers some of the frequently asked questions and provides useful links to additional NATRUE resources.

Download your Global Guide here