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+ 25 year experience as manufacturers of high-quality premium cosmetics: meet Livondo

Carola Claudia Lehmann, CEO
My name is Carola Claudia Lehmann, CEO of LIVONDO GmbH from Bonn, Germany. As head of quality and product management, I have used my sufficient, long-standing expertise for developing two organic cosmetics full ranges: vujo Frischling (natural baby care) and VEMAL Intim (natural intimate care for women). All products are distributed in the European organic market as well as in pharmacies to underline their unique status as high-quality organic care products. But offering highest quality is not the only driving force: For me, organic cosmetics are a matter of heart. My vision is to offer the purest and most effective care ranges: products, which do not leave any space for doubt or concern when it comes to skin care.

NATRUE: What is Livondo GmbH? Can you provide an overview of its mission and values?
Carola: My husband Roland Lehmann and me are the founders of LIVONDO GmbH. Together, we have more than 25 years of experience as manufacturers of high-quality premium healthcare products. Our focus lies on high-quality medical products and certified natural cosmetics, which are produced solely in Germany with experienced development laboratories, based on selected suppliers and raw materials – always with the environment in mind. To ensure quality standards through independent quality management, LIVONDO GmbH is certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016. Also, we take responsibility for our actions: for us it is particularly important to act in a socially responsible and sustainable manner, always committed to equal opportunities and against discrimination.

NATRUE: Could you explain to us what the production process is for a certified natural or organic cosmetic?
Carola: Regardless of their purpose, all LIVONDO GmbH products are developed and produced in Germany, as one of our objectives to implement domestic procurement of raw materials, to reduce long delivery routes and to minimize the impact on our environment through sustainable packaging.

All products are manufactured nearby by our partner, which provides us with an experienced development laboratory and high-end production. With this manufacturing partner, we can be sure that our cosmetic ranges are produced according to EU standards and our own values for organic products. In fact, we are so connected with our cosmetics production process that in addition to manufacturing products for our clients, we have developed two of our own NATRUE-certified organic brands that offer body care at the highest level and do not contain perfume, alcohol or other irritating ingredients for the skin: vujo Frischling and VEMAL Intim.

Close communication and an enduring exchange are upheld until the end of production. Once the products are finished, it is time to check that they comply with the NATRUE standard; therefore, all products are strictly controlled by an independent certification body, which is responsible for checking that the formula and production practices comply with the NATRUE standard.

As a last step, the finished cosmetic products are delivered to our logistics and sales partner – also located only a few hours away from our headquarters. With all our partners, we appreciate long-term and trustful cooperation and open communication.

NATRUE: What inspired Livondo to pursue NATRUE certification for its cosmetic brands? How does this certification align with Livondo’s goals?
Carola: The NATRUE logo is an internationally recognized sign for quality and ecological awareness. Therefore, it was an easy choice to choose you as a cooperation partner. The NATRUE seal on our products leads to more trust in LIVONDO GmbH as an authentic and open-minded partner for our clients. We feel a personal connection to your certification body since WELEDA is one of your founding members; we are both companies with one goal: to supply our customers with natural, high-quality and sustainable care products. We want vujo Frischling and VEMAL Intim  to be recognized as what they are: transparent, health-promoting brands, with Ingredients far better than those found in non-certified products.

NATRUE: How does Livondo ensure transparency and authenticity in sourcing natural ingredients for its certified brands?
Carola: For us, intensive research and tests are the beginning of finding new raw materials or ingredients for our organic products. We visit international raw material fairs, exchange with our long-term partners, and use all our personal contacts to make sure the ingredients used are certified, totally traceable and fairly sourced. Regular NATRUE-audits, in which all ingredients in our cosmetics products are precisely tested and checked confirm the authenticity and pureness of our used materials.

NATRUE: Can you share examples of how Livondo engages with consumers to educate them about the benefits of using natural and organic cosmetics?
Carola: We at LIVONDO GmbH are very eager to communicate the advantages of organic and pure cosmetic products. To achieve this, we provide comprehensive information to our clients directly on our websites, hold training courses for specialist staff of organic markets and pharmacies, publish advertisements and editorials in magazines, and offer brochures for both consumer and specialists. Additionally, we use our social media accounts to educate our followers about the benefits of using natural cosmetics through regular posts, reels and stories. Influencers from diverse fields (such as midwives, doctors…) supports us in our communication, for raising awareness of certified natural cosmetics.

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