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Proud artisanal, joyful & committed soap-makers since 1921: meet Jabones Beltrán

Gemma Esteller, Export Manager at Jabones Beltrán
My professional journey in the natural and organic cosmetic sector began by fostering a profound interest in sustainability. Growing up in Canada – a country at the forefront of sustainable practices – has instilled in me a deep appreciation for utilising products that are not only effective but also environmentally friendly and sustainable. I am excited to share my knowledge and experience in sales guidance within this dynamic industry, particularly in expanding into new international markets. Jabones Beltrán’s commitment has captivated me, as they pioneer efforts in Spain towards a more responsible world with certified products. We have converted our profession into a way of life.

NATRUE: How and when was your brand created?
Gemma: Jabones Beltrán is a family-owned company, founded in 1921, specializing in the manufacturing of traditional soaps for cleaning and laundry care. In 2011, they introduced Biobel as the first Spanish certified cleaning range, created by the fifth generation of Beltrán soap makers. Essabó emerged a bit later. The company realised that traditional soap bars for cosmetic purposes were experiencing a resurgence, surpassing the popularity of liquid soaps and gels. Reviving traditional soap-making, the Essabó brand was created in 2017, offering a range of quality effective, ecological, and natural cosmetic soaps.

Since we always try to improve and adapt to consumers demand, in 2023 we created a “shampoo formula”, and we successfully launched three varieties of solid shampoos.

NATRUE: Essabó is a range of organic handcrafted soaps. How do you produce your soaps?
Gemma: The manufacturing process of these soaps is based on the result of cold saponification, thus preserving the properties of its ingredients. The entire process is handcrafted from start to finish and it requires zero or very low energy processes. The demoulding, bar cutting, engraving, and packaging involve a lengthy manual process. In the creation and presentation of this soap, the expertise, care, and passion of the soap-making craft are evident. This is vouched by the official seal of Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana (Craft Product of the Community of Valencia, Spain). Regarding solid shampoos, it is an extrusion-compaction process.

NATRUE: What are the ‘star ingredients’ of Essabó’s products?
Gemma: Essabó Eco is based on sustainably sourced coconut oil and extra virgin olive oil from organic Spanish agriculture. Organic coconut oil is among the best cosmetic oils used in soap making because of its cleansing ability and the rich, gentle foam it produces. When combined with moisturizing properties of olive oil, it makes the formula excellent for all skin types.

The selection of raw materials has been done with care, considering the origin of each ingredient, as well as its cosmetic value and organic cultivation. We combine others different base oils, extracts, and essential oils to achieve exclusive blends with specific functions for each type with their own specific properties. All our cosmetic soaps are suitable for vegans.

NATRUE: What makes your soaps special? How many different soaps do you have?
Gemma: We distinguish ourselves through our ethical and responsible approach to business at all levels. Our mission is to produce ecological soaps using traditional soap-making methods that unite our dedication to high quality with our concern for the environment and health. We have developed and optimized our sustainable manufacturing processes to the maximum extent, ensuring they respect both the environment and society. In addition to their use for handwashing, Essabó soaps are perfectly compatible and recommended for facial and body use; and they cleanse and remove makeup from all skin types.

NATRUE-certified Essabó eco-functional range consists of 7 soaps for skin care; Essential, Perfume-free, Exfoliant, Shaving, Oily-skin, Shampoo soap and an innovative addition: Sports soap for the shower – ideal for cleaning, refreshing, and revitalizing the body post-workout, thanks to the cooling sensations of menthol and mint, coupled with the analgesic properties of Epsom salts.

Our Solid shampoos are certified “natural”, so we guarantee that they are made from 100% natural ingredients. They are all enriched with organic extra-virgin olive oil, a natural conditioner that reduces frizzy hair. Dermatologically tested, and meticulously crafted with natural carbohydrate-based conditioners, providing high foaming, cleaning, and conditioning power.

NATRUE: Why did you choose NATRUE?
Gemma: Our offerings encompass a range of essential everyday hygiene products for the entire family, caring for even the most sensitive skin and hair naturally, respectfully, and effectively. It was crucial for us to select the right partner for certification and the best guarantee. NATRUE is considered a prestigious certification awarded as an international non-profit association, reflecting our shared commitment to promote and protect natural and organic cosmetics worldwide.

With a consolidated presence in several European countries, Jabones Beltrán is actively expanding into new markets. In fact, we will be at the next edition of VIVANESS to continue our expansion and publicize our novelites. One key strategy to achieve our goals has been choosing the best guarantee through a certification that endorses all. We’re here to share our experience with NATRUE for those interested; it’s a winning choice.

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