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Bring the magic of pure lavender to your home: meet March Care

Julia and Matthias, co-founders of March
We are Julia & Matthias, co-founders of March. We as siblings founded the natural cosmetics and scent brand March back in 2020. March revolves around the medicinal plant lavender since we have planted 6,000 lavender plants since 2020 at our grandma’s farm back home in Austria. But March is not just about us, it’s about our roots, where we grew up, and our family. It’s a real little family business, with everyone involved, from our parents to our aunt and uncle.

NATRUE: How and when was your brand created?
Julia & Matthias: We have always had ideas in our mind to revitalize our over 100-year-old family farm, where we spent much of our childhood. In 2020, when the world was forced to slow down, we took the time to stop and reflect. In spring 2020 we then founded March since the common desire to create something sustainable at home brought us to this medicinal plant. Lavender as an almost forgotten plant was just experiencing a boom and we were curious. We discovered that in times like these, when everything is about speed, many people look for calm and deceleration.

NATRUE: Why lavender? What does it mean for you?
Julia & Matthias: We want to bring lavender into everyone’s home because it is still underestimated as a medicinal plant. When speaking about lavender, everyone already knows how it smells, how it looks and thinks about those wonderful fields in Provence. At the same time, despite its beauty, the scent has a calming effect, and it can be mood-lifting and relaxing. We wanted to take this picture of serenity and calmness and bring it back to our home in Austria.

NATRUE: What can customers expect from March?
Julia & Matthias: We want to bring the magic of pure lavender to your home to calm your mind and soul. Therefore, our community can expect the wonderful calmness from lavender which has been used for thousands of years mixed with a modern approach when it comes to branding, packaging and design. We think good design makes products above all meaningful, aesthetic and honest. And we believe that good design makes the world a little better. That’s why we always develop our products and ways to obtain them with a consistent and well-considered design approach that can be seen.

NATRUE: What role does sustainability play in your products? How does this translate to packaging?
Julia & Matthias: Sustainability is one of our key values, sounds trite, but it is. In order to support businesses in the region and in order to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible, we manufacture all of our products directly in Austria. When it comes to packaging we do not use any plastic for our shipping packaging. The paper and cardboard we use are experiencing their second life because we only use recycled material. We ship with the Austrian Postal Service and are therefore 100% CO2 neutral within Austria. Plus, we offer bike delivery for our customers in Graz.

NATRUE: Why did you choose NATRUE? What is the added value NATRUE’s certification gives to your products?
Julia & Matthias: The term natural cosmetics is not a legally protected term in Austria. So commercials could be misleading. That’s why we were looking for a certified seal that would give our customers security and orientation. The holistic approach of NATRUE has convinced us. For us, natural cosmetics are not limited to the ingredients but are also reflected in the areas of packaging and animal testing. We are more than happy to have found a seal with NATRUE, which represents the same values as we do.

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