Today, 23rd November, NATRUE celebrates the 2nd edition of the International Day of Natural Cosmetics, a global awareness day crafted to champion the virtues of natural cosmetics. This day serves as a beacon, inspiring and motivating both the beauty industry and discerning consumers alike. Emphasising good practices and fostering awareness surrounding natural and organic cosmetics, NATRUE endeavours to educate individuals on the distinctive qualities that makes natural cosmetics exceptional and the truly significance of what #ChooseTrueBeauty means.

The world of beauty is evolving. As consumers become increasingly mindful of the products they purchase, the demand for sustainable practices and natural cosmetics is on the rise. In our commitment to make sure that the natural and organic cosmetics (NOC) sector is recognised and valued at all levels, NATRUE has decided to give a voice to everyone who had something to say: hence the launch of our campaign inviting everyone to be part of the change!

Diverse activities coming from countries as varied as Iran, France, Germany, or New Zealand have been registered. This global participation underscores both the natural megatrend and the sector’s united interest to protect and promote NOCs. We extend a warm invitation to everyone to be part of it!

In addition to amplifying the voices of those who have registered their contribution, NATRUE has assembled a distinguished panel of high-level experts. This exclusive free panel discussion, entitled “Commitment for a Greener Future: How Can We Make (Natural and Organic) Cosmetics More Sustainable?“, is set to take place on 23rd November at 11:00 AM (CET).  The panel will explore the trajectory towards a more sustainable cosmetic industry, addressing how the industry is evolving, and what regulatory changes are on the horizon in the 2023s.

The conversation will delve into the pressing issue of cosmetic packaging, in particular the challenges posed by plastic waste by envisioning a future where sustainable alternatives shape the industry by the 2040s. We will underscore the significance of combatting greenwashing in the cosmetic sector, emphasising the pivotal role of reliable, verifiable, and credible methods, such as certification, to ensure genuine sustainability practices.

Complementing this panel discussion is a vibrant social media campaign, inviting global participation to share informative, inspiring, and motivating content promoting natural and organic cosmetics. We encourage everyone to use the hashtags #dayofnoc & #choosetruebeauty, and mention @natrue_asibl in their posts.