2021 confirmed the trend: sustainability is becoming a key priority across the beauty industry. Consumers are not only looking for products claiming to be natural and organic, but also for brands that account for the ethical and sustainable considerations of the raw materials they source. Despite the on-going green transition, it is still the case that consumers cannot always make the clear distinction between natural cosmetics and nature-inspired cosmetics (i.e., those containing an undefined mixture of natural and synthetic ingredients), which runs the risk that they will be misled by greenwashing.

In its Annual Report 2021, NATRUE provides a review of each of its activities including its advocacy work and label scheme, as well as newly established international partnerships and collaborations, and the publication of a new consumer survey that evaluates three pillars: consumer attitudes, brand perception and seal performance in the two European biggest markets (Germany and France.) Moreover, although online events have continued, NATRUE welcomed back to in-person events, and the Report provides an update on NATRUE’s presence at the numerous international trade fair circuit. Finally, the Report lays out the continued international expansion of the NATRUE label, its global distribution, and analyses of the diverse range of cosmetic product categories certified under the NATRUE label.

NATRUE is proud to welcome our new members and those international natural and organic cosmetic brands who have joined us in 2021. With this growth, we are together in helping consumer transparency and allowing for more sustainable, natural and organic cosmetics that support the transition towards a greener and more sustainable planet.

We are looking forward to keep working together. Thank you all who rely on us!
We wish you a pleasant reading!

  The NATRUE Team